WoW Quest: Stonefather’s Boon

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Grant the Stonefather’s Boon to 12 Earthen Defenders.


With the Stonefather taken prisoner, our forces are demoralized. Normally any one of mine could take five times his number of stone troggs. But now….

I want you to head out into the field surrounding the town. Plant Stonefather Oremantle’s banner near my defenders. Grant them his boon and remind them of that for which they fight.

1) Use the boon on Stonehearth Defenders and not on Earthen Geomancers

2) Make sure the buff isn’t already active (maybe from another player doing the same quest) on the NPC

3) Stay facing the NPC until the spell is complete and you get progress, i.e., don’t mount or turn away and run, you must face the NPC during the spell.

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