WoW Quest: Landing the Killing Blow

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Dark Ranger Lyana south of the Vengeance Landing wants you to kill Captain Olster, Lieutenant Celeyne, and Sergeant Lorric at the Derelict Strand.


You’ve proven yourself in the field of battle, <name>. You might very well have changed the tides in our favor.

I’ve an important assignment for you now. I’m not sure how much longer the weakness we’ve exposed is going to last, so we must use the element of surprise to our advantage.

I want you to use the confusion created by our attack and go behind enemy lines to assassinate their leaders. In order of rank, they are: Captain Olster, Lieutenant Celeyne and Sergeant Lorric. Good luck, <class>.

Captain Olster 81, 43
Lieutenant Celeyne 83, 43
Sergeant Lorric 82, 40

For those without coordinate mods working yet, Sergeant Lorric and Lieutenant Celeyne are along the coast of the Derelict Strand and Captain Olster is up on a hill behind Lorric.

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