WoW Quest: Glop, Son of Glop

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Speak to Earthmender Norsala, then kill Fungalmancer Glop.


Glop had a son. In his grave hubris, he named it Glop. And so the line of fungalmancers continues.

I require you to slay this new fungalmancer. Your shaman ally has already returned, and awaits you at his cave in the southwest of Verlok Stand.

Given by Ruberick inside Therazan’e Throne at 60,14. This daily version is available once you’re revered with Therazane. Due to phasing, you cant complete this daily while you have Wrath of the Fungalmancer in your quest log. After the last hotfix it appears Wrath of the Fungalmancer may be a pre-requisite.

Cave entrance is at 69,29. Once inside Earthmender Norsala is at 70,32. Being the NPC for both the normal and daily quest she is frequently gone. The event takes around two minutes to complete depending on the DPS of whomever is on it. While you’re waiting for her to respawn you’ll be kept in combat by the Fungal Horrors that spawn.

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