WoW Addon Guide: Quoth the Raven, Grab Bag 4

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by Mathew McCurley



Many people have been asking for alternative to Satrina Buff Frames for tracking buffs, debuffs, and more, but I wasn’t comfortable recommending anything else because I had thought I had already talked about Raven. Well, apparently I haven’t talked about Raven yet! Google searches and text document searches be damned, I checked to see if I’d spoken a word about Raven since my time began here at WoW Insider. Whatever, let’s talk about Raven.

Raven is a comprehensive timer bar and buff and debuff tracker, as well as a multi-target HoT and DoT tracker. Yes, that’s right — multiple targets. Plus, the addon will remind you of other buff and debuff trackers, so it won’t be a huge pain to configure. Even so, there are plenty of options to consider and settings to tinker with, as well as complexity in conditions and values for players looking for that extra bit of control.

Installation is easy, and the addon comes preloaded with a set of bars. Bar sets are easily created and customized, however, and provide endless amounts of options and conditions for use. Raven even supports user-made modules based on class-specific setups for buffs, debuffs, and cooldowns that you can download and plug in. Check the Curse site and description for more information on these sets, or to the addon’s website for more Raven plugins.

All in all, I like Raven because of its full-featured approach to tracking, as well as its customization and easy out of the box setup. If you’re in the market for new a new buff, debuff, and cooldown tracker, quoth the Raven, “give me a whirl.”

Download Raven at [Curse] or [WoWInterface].

Broker Show/Hide Names

Quick LDB addon suggestions are always fun because they neatly fit into an already established addon bar — no need to make room for something new and large on screen. I’m a fan of Broker Show/Hide Names, especially since I take a lot of screenshots for WoW Insider.

This simple Broker plugin will, with the click of a button, show or hide all names above player characters and NPCs. That’s it! Simple and easy, without the hassle of going into the options, forgetting to hit “apply,” then having to go back into the options again. That isn’t something I would ever do, I assure you.

Download Broker Show/Hide Names at [WoWInterface].

JS’ Hunter Bar

How on earth did I go from having barely any level 80s during Wrath of the Lich King (two, maybe three by the very end) to having almost the same number of level 85s? Maybe it’s because of how awesome the Twilight Highlands are. Whatever it is, I have an 85 undead hunter and don’t even remember when it happened.

It seems like everyone and their mother has a hunter or a hunter alt. Well, they should — hunters are super fun. With great hunting comes great responsibility, and with JS’ Hunter Bar, your own proverbial Uncle Ben won’t have to die so tragically.

Color-changing focus bar? Check. Autoshot swing timer? Check. Predictive focus gains fromCobra Shot and Steady Shot? Check and check. Plus, the addon is nice and compact, keeping all your hunter tools close together and easily readable. You’ve even got a Tranquilizing Shotalert in case you have to be at the ready so your tank doesn’t get eaten alive. Timers? We’ve got timers for all your hunter abilities and even the option to add more to make JS’ Hunter Bar a one-stop shop.

Download JS’ Hunter Bar at [Curse] or [WoWInterface].

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