WoW Addon Guide: Quest Completist

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by Shamanic @mmo-champion

This addon, created by Viduus of Frostmane EU is a quest tracker/finder updated for Cataclysm, allowing you to track all the quests you have completed – and which ones you have yet to complete.

Using this Addon
In order to bring up the console you type /qc

The first thing you want to do is “Perform Server Query” by clicking on “Zones” and it’s the final option. This will update to the addon which quests you have already completed. You will need to give the client a minute or two to get all the data but this only needs to be done once.

You will most likely want to select “Hide Opposing Forces Quests” in order to only see quests available to your faction.

Now you can select your zone, including Zones, Dungeons & Raids, Professions, Classes etc. When you open the console, the zone listed will be the one that you are standing in, if you are travelling through zones the console will automatically switch, making it very easy to find the quests for the area you’re currently in. The total number of quests found is displayed on the bottom right. If you want to track which quests you have not already completed you can tick “Hide Completed Quests”. Now only quests you have not completed are shown. Quests you are already on are marked with a question mark, and quests you have completed but not yet turned in would be highlighed yellow.

An excellent feature is the listing of daily quests. See for example Twilight Highlands. This allows you to keep track of which zones have daily quests. Hovering over the quest will give you information including quest text, objectives, quest giver and the co-ordinates. The addon offers TomTom support.

It is a work in progress and you can help the addon author keep this addon updated by sending your Saved Variable file found in \WTF\Account\Saved Variables\QuestCompletist.lua to viduus.wow@gmail.com

Conclusion: This is a very simple addon with an attractive user interface with a one click setup (query server) required, overall a very easy to use and useful tool for quest hunters and loremasters.

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