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OreCrusher is an addon that helps Jewelcrafters determine the most profitable way to use ore. It is similar to the Shuffling Spreadsheet and has most of the features necessary from it.

After manually entering the price of a stack of Cataclysm Ore, it will give you the optimal route to profit. It looks at disenchanting the items that are crafted using uncommon gems, transmuting gems with Alchemy, and just selling the gems directly. You need either Auctionator or AuctionLite/Auctioneer/AuctionMaster to pull in the prices. Auctionator is recommended. If you are using Auctioneer, you can force the GetAuctionBuyout pricing method by using the toggle command /oc altbuyout.

The main screen (opened with /oc) requires you to input a price for each type of ore, and the number or stacks to use when calculating profit. Pressing Do It! will change the calculated values to the type of ore you have selected. Each of the uncommon and rare gems are listed with the expected amount of each gem and the total price for that many gems. A total is displayed at the bottom of the list for just selling the gems on the AH.

On the right hand side the total from selling enchanting materials gained through crafting items with uncommon gems and disenchanting them along with selling cut rare gems is shown. The third route involves transmuting the uncommon gems into rare gems with optional Transmute Mastery bonus. Rare cut profit is currently just done as an overall percentage rather than looking at the cuts you can craft and selecting the most profitable one. The maximum profit and route to get there is show at the right hand side on the bottom, along with the total cost of the ore.

The disenchant values screen shows the expected amount of enchanting materials and their total values as well as the enchanting route value of each uncommon gem used. An optional modifier allows you to increase the value of the materials further through scroll markup. Keep in mind that the gems used for the Jewelcrafting daily quest (JasperNightstone, and Zephyrites) are often worth much more gold on the day of the quest due to the demand from lazy Jewelcrafters.

You can scale the windows with a slider under the Disenchanting Values window (it is not working perfectly yet) and mouse over each gem’s name to see the value. Mousing over the total numbers on the right will give you a profit number for each option.

The addon does not take into account gem transmutes currently, according to the author this is a planned feature. Another possible feature would include looking at your Jewelcrafting skills and basing the rare cuts off of what you can actually cut. Head over the addon comments on Curse to suggest more features!

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