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Even though most of Warlock already know this, some may not so I decided to share the info.

If you’re farming Necrotic Runes, for buying events or for voids ( FYI, you can disenchant glove, shoulder armor purchased with Necrotic Runes ) or maybe you’re farming for Blessed Robe of Undead Cleansing, but you feels that getting runes from trash mobs are too slow or feels that it’s not fair when someone won the roll on 30 runes from Shadow of Doom you’ve paid 8 runes to summon it?

Here’s a way to solo Shadow of Doom

- If you’re on PvP realm, when Cultist Engineers spawned, if there is no other player from the same faction with around there, check around to make sure tha there is no opposite faction member around would be a good idea.
- Summon a Felguard or a Voidwalker
- Summon Shadow of Doom by talking to a Cultis Engineer.
- Put Curse of Weakness on it.
- Put DoT on them with all the DoT spell you have.
- Shadow Bolt or Incinerate as you want.
- Whenever your pet’s health, spam health funnel until your pet has full health again.
- Go back to DPS and repeat this until Shadow of Doom dies. If you’re lucky sometimes some pople may help you kill Shadow of Doom too.
- Take 30 runes with nobody else to roll against you.
- You can summon another Shadow of Doom if there is any Cultist Engineer left.

I know this is a common knowledge but there’s still many Warlock doesn’t seem to know that they can solo Shadow of Doom by themselves so I decided to post this here.

Talent that would help
- Improved Health Funnel, helps a lot.
- Demonic Resilienc, helps a lot too.
- Fel Synergy, also helps.

I did this with my T4 gear and talents I mentioned above. People with better gear than me may not need to put Curse of Weakness or may not need talents to do this.

Good luck on farming.

by Pyromancer


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