Ultimate Level 1 (Crits and HP)

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So, I currently own the best level 1 twink on my server, and one of the best around. Recently I discovered the toughness exploit, granting me 700 extra hp. This was great, considering my twink was known for his 1000+ hp. When WoTLK came out, tauren racial was nerfed, and I feared I would never break 1k HP again. But that all changed. Here is a screenie of him with no health buffs at 1661hp.


I recently also found about about the all-so-mighty twink 2h. I had to go get one and try it out for myself. Once I got it, I put my STR gear on, procced a crusader, switched to Enti, and crit a swine. Here’s the outcome:


My twink is almost perfect  He just needs the BoA shoulders and a BoA gun.

My plan was before I found this sword to get the BoA 2h, get buffed to the max by 80s, and crit a swine. Now with this sword I may be able to do this and get a 700-1000 crit.



My STR gear is the same with different enchants and a different weapon, I’ll just list them here.

-Head: +8 Str
-Cloak: +70 Armor
-Chest: +6 All Stats
-Bracers: +9 Str
-Weapon: Enti’s Quenched Sword
-Bow: Cadet’s Bow (+1 Scope), Feathered Arrow (+9.5 DPS)
-Gloves: +7 Str
-Legs: +50 AP +12 Crit Strike
-Boots: 7 Stam

by lechango

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