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by Allison Robert


Bad news, folks: Once you’ve made your way through your own faction’s basic ground mounts and the array of options available in Outland, you’ve largely exhausted the supply of factions that will offer you tons of mounts just because they like you. The closest you’ll get is the Argent Tournament, which offers lots of mounts but a relatively long grind for most of them, even if you’re already exalted with your home factions. Past this point, count on doing reputation grinds for only a few mounts at most.

However, the bite doesn’t feel as bad in Northrend, in no small part because Dalaran and Argent Tournament quartermasters will sell you Commendation badges for the Argent Crusade, Ebon Blade, Kirin Tor, Sons of Hodir, and Wyrmrest Accord in return for 16 justice points. Each badge gives you 520 reputation, and it’s a great way to bleed off extra JPs you’re sitting on, if spending lots of time in Northrend isn’t on your to-do list.
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AFK yourself to Time-Lost Proto Drake

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I recently got my Time-Lost Proto Drake (Pic: and I thought I’d share with you the method I used to get it. It’s easy and requires no work but just takes time.

First off some information. Time-Lost Proto Drake is one of three spawns in Storm Peaks. The other two are Vyragosa and Dirkee. Vyragosa is a blue dragon and Dirkee is a mechagnome. Dirkee has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the TLPD! Vyragosa on the other hand has a lot to do with him.
TLPD and Vyragosa share the same spawnpoints and flightpaths. They have 4 different paths/spawnpoints. From what is known TLPD is a rare spawn of a rare spawn. What this means is, every time Vyragosa is spawning, there is a small chance that TLPD will spawn instead of Vyragosa. The spawntime is believed to be from 6-12 hours since one of them was last killed. This means that after Vyra or TLPD has been killed none of them will spawn in 6 hours, and then during the next 6 hours one of them will spawn, but when it will spawn in those 6 hours is totally random. If you’re unlucky you will see a lot of Vyragosas spawn instead of TLPD. There isn’t a set ammount of TLPDs spawning in a week, it can be 0 or 10, it’s all about luck. The week I got it it had already spawned 3 times before.

What you need:

1. This addon, NPCScan. Downloaded here: NPCScan : WoWInterface Downloads : Miscellaneous
2. Something else to do besides WoW, watch TV, play video games etc.
3. LOTS of patience.
(4. An autoclicker or something else to keep you from going AFK can be good, but not needed.)

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WoW gold Guide – Farming in Storm Peaks

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Today we’ll be discussing some of the choice farming locations in the province of Storm Peaks. There are three areas in particular that I will point out, as well as some good gathering tips and information on where you can locate rare mobs.

Mission One:
Targets: Nascent Val’kyr and Valkyrion Aspirants.

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This reserch was made with the help of numerous comments on diferent forums and help from guildies and friends..With strong evidence that it is true

So lets start i hope i can help others to get it ..( I didn’t)
Well i want those reins of the time lost proto drake very much and in the past 2 weeks that was my main priority with no luck ..and i camped it even 10-15 hours straight….

So after two weeks what i know is:
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Guide on How to Get Time-lost Proto-drake

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I am giving you a foolproof way to get [Time-lost proto-Drake].

Note, this can be very very time demanding even if you do it in this way which eases it up alot, before you start this project i suggest you make sure you have the time needed to go thorugh with it. Also you may post this guide on another forum but make sure you give credit to the one who made this guide (me ^3^).

Note 2, this is not legal, i might have posted this in the wrong section but if i did i kindly ask a mod to move it to wow exploits, bots etc.

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