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[Eye of the Storm][All Classes] AFK leeching spot

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While doing BG’s yesterday I discovered a great spot for AFK’ing in EotS off the map.

Once the game starts, mount up and run the opposite direction from everyone else. Run until you fall off the playing field. Now comes the exploit. It consists of two parts.

  1. You will now (rather slowly) move towards the edge of the map and then out of it. Making it unlikely that you get reported.
  2. Since you died from falling into the eternal abyss, you will not get auto-released after 6 minutes.

Since you are dead, the only method of keeping yourself from auto-afk’ing is typing something in guild chat. (You might also try to whisper yourself, not sure about that one).

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You need a logitech g15 in order to do this, or any other “keyboard/mouse” input devices that allows macro repeation, not a physical program that WoW could scan for.

I use my logitech g15 keyboard and four macros in WoW to AFK AV… I’ve been able to do 71-80 in 40 hours of sitting in AV. Along with being able to accumulate up to 200k honor in 4 days~.

The prerequisites:
- Preform AV Enabler ( has this)
- SSpvp3 ( has this)
- A logitech g15 keyboard or any other input device that runs macros with out a

program running.

Creating the Macros:
You will need 4 macros to afk AV properly and not be stuck in the cave getting


Macro 1:
/script PreformAVEnabler_Queue(1)

Macro 2:
/script AcceptBattlefieldPort(1,1)

Macro 3:
/cast [nomounted] Stormpike Battle Charger

Macro 4:
/stopmacro [target=focus, dead]

What each macro does:

Macro 1: This will queue you up for AV, you can also replace the number

1, with any other number to queue up for other battlegrounds as well. The reason I use preform AV’s queue macro, is its a lot more stable, and you don’t have to open up your battlegrounds tab and choose a selection first, which you would have to do if you used the alternative macro /script JoinBattlefield(0)

Macro 2: This simply accepts the queue and physically joins the battleground, this doesn’t need to be changed for other battlegrounds, it’ll accept all.

Macro 3: This macro mounts you up when you aren’t mounted only, if you are currently mounted, it won’t dismount you when the macro is pressed again…

a lot better than pressing you mount button and being dismounted over and over again.

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Make gold while afk, no bot req

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Just a few things to say first.
This isn’t a lot of gold, I just tend to do it while watching tv or getting ready for work.
This also requires blacksmithing and mining, but only level 360.
The gold made is largely based on your server (But isn’t everything?)
This is also pretty common sense…

Still reading? Ok, well essentially what you want to do is goto your AH and look at Cobalt Ore and Bars. Buy everything that is 1g 25 silver or less EACH (25 gold a stack). Then, make it into Cobalt Triangle Shield – Item – World of Warcraft and go afk.

Once you make all of them, or you fill your bags. Vendor them. At 25g a stack, it costs 5g to make them, and each shield vendors for 5g 52 silver. Like I said, not alot, but I’ve been doing it while watching tv and such for the last few days, made a couple hundred gold off of it.

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[EPIC] AFK Lvling ALL Weapon Skill in SM

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In sm cath, you can bug High Inquisitor Whitemane by killing Scarlet Commander Mograine out of her LoS before you damage her to the point where she resses Mograine. Now, since you killed Mograine out of her LoS, she gets confused, and just walks up and down in a short path allowing you to hit her while afk.

Heres how i do it:

Step 1.

Pull Scarlet Commander Mograine to the spot in the SS.
Then kill him.

Step 2.

Damage High Inquisitor Whitemane to the point where she will ressurect Mograine inside the cathedral. She will then cast Deep Sleep and try to resurrect Mograine. But since she cant find Mograine, she will just walk around.

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AFK yourself to Time-Lost Proto Drake

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I recently got my Time-Lost Proto Drake (Pic: and I thought I’d share with you the method I used to get it. It’s easy and requires no work but just takes time.

First off some information. Time-Lost Proto Drake is one of three spawns in Storm Peaks. The other two are Vyragosa and Dirkee. Vyragosa is a blue dragon and Dirkee is a mechagnome. Dirkee has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the TLPD! Vyragosa on the other hand has a lot to do with him.
TLPD and Vyragosa share the same spawnpoints and flightpaths. They have 4 different paths/spawnpoints. From what is known TLPD is a rare spawn of a rare spawn. What this means is, every time Vyragosa is spawning, there is a small chance that TLPD will spawn instead of Vyragosa. The spawntime is believed to be from 6-12 hours since one of them was last killed. This means that after Vyra or TLPD has been killed none of them will spawn in 6 hours, and then during the next 6 hours one of them will spawn, but when it will spawn in those 6 hours is totally random. If you’re unlucky you will see a lot of Vyragosas spawn instead of TLPD. There isn’t a set ammount of TLPDs spawning in a week, it can be 0 or 10, it’s all about luck. The week I got it it had already spawned 3 times before.

What you need:

1. This addon, NPCScan. Downloaded here: NPCScan : WoWInterface Downloads : Miscellaneous
2. Something else to do besides WoW, watch TV, play video games etc.
3. LOTS of patience.
(4. An autoclicker or something else to keep you from going AFK can be good, but not needed.)

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AFK Weapon Lvling-Dragonblight

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just found another afk lvling spot.
83.5 69.4 in Dragonblight.
there will be a broken ship with a peasant standing on one of the ledges hitting away on his hammer on the boat. He can’t jump off though and is evade bugged. Have fun lvling your weaponskills
Heres a printscreen ImageShack® – kerr888′s images

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How to: afk on your mount in Dalaran at bank

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yesterday i tried how to mount at Dalaran bank and finally found a route that seems to works perfectly all the time.

First, start outside of Dalaran, at the Violet Citadel.

Start flying towards the citadel and land on the roof, since you should get the “no flight area” debuff and remount once it’s worn off.

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some of the weapon skill training spots posted here run the risk of you being killed by roaming mobs, or other players of opposing faction.

This trick will allow you to train weapon skills inside a faction without any risk of roaming mobs (unless you are too low level) or pvp.

The trick is to go into SHADOW LABRYNTH in outlands. As a level 80, you can skirt all mobs and go to AMBASSADOR HELLMAW. this mob will be permanently banished.

You can stand behind him and melee away without fear of mobs roaming by or other faction killing you.

hope it helps!

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AFK Level Weapon Skills (Tested and Working)

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This trick is really easy. There is a mob in Dragonblight that is immune until somebody starts a quest. Go there late at night or something when nobody is around. AFK attack and enjoy.

The name of the mob is Rothin the Decaying, he is in the cave at the obsidian dragonshrine. I’m not going to bother posting a screen, as there is one here: Rothin the Decaying – NPC – World of Warcraft

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Easy AFKing in battlegrounds free honor

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There are many threads like this but none use the program I am talking about.The program is called EZ Macros you can download this here EZ Macros – Reviews and free EZ Macros downloads at
What this program can do is macro, now what I do is I double click the program to start it up, then click the little light bulb that says add then check remember mouse and keyboard events it should be the second bubble then press a hot key to launch the macro.
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