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As you probably guessed from the title, this guide is about the spirit beast Loque’nahak, i know there are few threads about this already, but they are kinda one sentenced, and on mine i am going to have a look in that mob more in depth.

Section 1. Loque… what?

Loque’nahak is a rare spirit beast found in Scholazar Baisin. When i say rare, i mean about 6-8h respawn time. She can spawn in different spots around Scholazar each time.

Since the new talents came, hunters can now tame this baby with “Exotic pets” talent from Beast Mastery tree.

This mob is being hunted by quite alot of players for different reasons (Going to cover them in different sections) making it really hard and challenging to catch.

Section 2. Northern Exposure!

Kill one of the extremely rare and hard to find Northrend creatures…

Northern Exposure is an achievement you get when you kill any rare monster in WoW: Wotlk. Loque is part of the accepted monsters to get the achievement list, meaning players who come across her will kill it most of the time.

Section 3. I challenge you Loque!

Loque’nakah is a pretty easy kill for all classes in WoW. She only has 16.5k health and doesnt hit for too much. The “Elite” tag on her can sometimes scare people away, but she shouldnt be a problem when soloing.

She also can be cc’ed and rooted in place, beast scared ect. Making it even easier to kill her.

Section 4. Did someone say money?

Yep! In her droplist she has:

Loque’Nahak’s Pelt  (Random enchantment)

Loque’Nahak’s Severed Fang (Random enchantment)
Loque’Nahak’s Severed Fang – Item – World of Warcraft

Abandoned Adventurer’s Satchel
Abandoned Adventurer’s Satchel – Item – World of Warcraft

The cloak and neck are “Bind on Equip” meaning it can be sold to other players or vendored. Because those items are quite rare i supposed they probably can go for some nice gold. The satchel can drop 20 Frostweave cloth, or 3-5 of any Crystalised items. (Shadow, life etc) The frostweave on my server goes for 25g per stack (stack = 20) so its some nice quick gold.

Now your probably saying “Omg its crap, i can make alot more by just questing blah blah…” but here is the good part.

I spot quite a few people in General Scholazar basin chat who are willing to pay anywhere up to 2kg (thats my server, not sure about others) if you tell him or her the location where Loque’nahak is alive at that moment. Now if your just questing and roaming Scholazar and be very lucky and come across her, do write it in General chat, something like

“Know location of spirit beast Loque’nahak, ALIVE, pst with offer to find out”
See if anyone replies, and if no one does, well you can tame her if your a hunter or just kill it.

So, yes it is possibile to make some money of her.

Section 5. Loque and me…

This section is for hunters. I will talk about whether Loque is really worth camping for and give out some spots where she can be found.

So, Loque, an exotic pet meaning the 51 point talent in BM tree is require to tame her.
She belongs to the Ferocity talent tree giving some really nice skills, like “Heart of the phoenix” (Revives your pet, CAN be used in combat) and “Lick your wounds” (Your pet will regenerate its total hp). But there are other pets too, which can access these skills and dont require Exotic Pets talent.

So is she worth looking out for? Well, if your an RP guy, who likes to do some acting in game, this pet is an absolute must have in my oppinion. It looks great, sounds great and would make for some interesting story telling (is that what Rp’ers do?)

If your not, well its hard to tell. At the end of the day its all up to you, there are no doubts she looks great, and people who see you with her will straight away recognise that “Wow, this dude is pretty awesome with that pet” but her damage isnt the best. My devilsaur hits for 350 or so normal, but so does Loque, there isnt any DPS boost. Although Blizzard did say that Exotic pets will recieve a boost in DPS so the talent is actually worth getting. So there are hopes that she will have her DPS increased, but i wouldnt say by a huge amount, that she would be an absolute must if you wanna still be competative in PvP or PvE. That would be stupid from Blizzard and make all Hunter who cant tame her go bersek.

When tamed she recieves a skill called “Spirit Strike”

“Burns the enemy for [rank] Arcane damage and then an additional [rank] after 10 sec.”

Its a pretty fun and somewhat unique never seen before skill that pets can cast. Its basically a moonfire that inflicts damage, and then some more after 10seconds.

Conclusion : Is it worh getting? For the looks, absolutely! For the DPS, not really, i mean if you do spot her, than by all means do tamer her. But camping for hours just to do it, nah, not worthh it. Just pickup and easy found devilsaur or corehound that will do the same great dps.

Although she does sound great when fighting

Here is a picture i FOUND (not mine) that shows all possable spawn locations of Loque:


Section 6. Final thoughts

Loque’nahak, a rare elite, lvl 76 but an easy kill. She has some great loot and gives an achievement when killed. A nice pet for hunters if they care about the looks. The first tameable spirit beast in game!

Hope you enjoyed my guide. Hopefully someone will find this somehow useful.

by DevilDare

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