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The Rogue vs. Rogue PvP is at the moment my favorite PvP aspect, so I decided to make a guide about it.

Information: Specc used is Mutilate/Preparation

The Basics

In Rogue vs. Rogue duels it’s all about reaction. If you have a good reaction, you have good chances to win.

You can train your reaction on this page: Fetchfido’s Free Online Games – Reaction Test
Just play this game a while, and you’ll notice that your reaction gets better.


I use a few macros, which I’ll share with you.


This macro allows you to spam sap, if you search for the other rogue. In my opinion very usefull, because you don’t have to TAB-Sap.
Looks like this:

#show sap
/cast sap


A simple macro which allows you to autoattack your target, if you don’t got enough energy to mutilate.
Looks like this:

#show mutilate
/cast mutilate

Cheap shot/Switch mainhand:

This is in my opinion the most useful macro for a rogue.
It allows you to cheap shot your target if it’s sapped, whitout breaking sap.
So you can sap -> cheap shot -> restealth -> reopen.
The only thing you need, is a second mainhand. It doesnt have to be a dagger, you just have to equip it and reequip you usual mainhand.
Looks like this:

/equip Name of your second mainhand
/cast cheap shot
/equip Name of your usual mainhand


This is another little useful macro. If you use preparation, it activates the cooldowns which you didn’t used.
Looks like this:

#show preparation
/cast Sprint
/cast [nostealth] Evasion
/cast preparation

If you got Opener

Here I advice you an Addon: Miks Scrolling Battle Text
(download: MikScrollingBattleText – Addons – Curse)
Why is this useful?
You see if the opponent get the buff of the PvP Trinket. So you can instant Blind or Kidney shot him.

So back to the real thing:
If you got opener, you have almost a 90% winchance against bad rogues.
But a good rogue will beat you, if you don’t watch over.

I advice you to open with cheap shot.
Now you will need a quick reactiontime:
The rogue will use his trinket in your stun.

If you see this buff:

Blind, Gouge or Kidney shot him.
If you were quick enough, you and your oponent are blinded.
Now simply use you trinket and reopen.

If you Kidney shoted, dps a bit and blind after the Kidney shot. Now just restealth, sap and dps till he dies.

If you blinded, just restealth and dps.

If you Gouged, vanish and reopen

This should be a win.

If you not got opener

This will get a hard, but it’s possible.

So let’s say, your enemy opens whit Cheap Shot.
Wait till the Cheap Shot is over. The other Rogue will Kidney Shot.
So if you see the Kidney Shot, instantly use your trinket.
The other Rogue will have a Global Cooldown on Blind, so you’re safe for a moment.

Now you can go a few ways:

First way: Blind.

If you blind, wait till you see this buff on your enemy again:

Now you need a quick reaction time again.
If you see the buff, instantly use vanish, because the enemy rogue will blind.
If you were fast enough, you will be in stealth and the other rogue will have his Blind on cooldown.
If you were a bit too slow, you will get out of vanish, but the enemy rogue will have his Blind on cooldown.

Second way: Evasion.

This way is based on luck, so risky.
If you used your trinket, put evasion on and turn to the enemy rogue.
He will blind or kidney, so you have the chance to avoid these abilities.
But i think this way is a bit to risky.

Third way: Vanish.

If you used your trinket, just vanish. You have the chance to get in stealth, but a good rogue could get you, so a risky way too.

All in all I’d advice you the first way.

If you succesfully gone one of these ways, the rogue with the better gear(:x) and/or the better stun timing will win.

This is a short movie I made. You can see a few scenes I explained.
Quality and Editing is very bad.. sorry for that

by Sarkor

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Man How you configure ur Mikscrollingcombat text , he doesnt show me pvp trinket

January 16th, 2011 at 8:47 pm

For 3.3.5 !

January 16th, 2011 at 8:48 pm

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