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Table of contents
1 Talents
1.1 Stats
2 Rotations and Ability Usage.
2.1 Unholy Rotation
2.2 Blood Rotation
3 Consumables
4. Sigils
5. Macros
6. Add-ons


I will be covering the following two specs, and these are the specs our Death Knights primarily use.
Unholy 12/0/59 Glyphs are: Scourge Strike, the Ghoul, Dark Death
Blood 51/2/18 Glyphs are: Rune Dancing Weapon, Death Strike, Dark Death


Expertise: 6,5% or 26 expertise needed for dodge cap – Different specs gain the following expertise:
Blood 6 – Frost 5 – Unholy 5 (these do show in character sheet)
Hit Rating: 8% is hit cap for special and 2H attacks.
Spell hit cap is 17% – 3% for misery -3% for Virulence = 11% needed. Only a few skills of ours use spell hit cap, Icy Touch, Death Coil, Unholy Blight, Howling Blast AND Mind Freeze. Remember that spell hit cap is on a different conversion ratio than melee hit (check your spell tab in character screen). You will be very close to spell hit cap at 8% melee hit (with virulence).

What stats should I go for?

Strength has been our best stat by far for a long time – and it still is.
With that being said, Armor Penetration for Blood spec, is at least as good as strength – if not better.
When blood specced, aim for the hit/expertise cap, to ease your rotation without dodge/misses. Unlike Unholy you don’t always have that much time in-between a rotation.
I will just leave it at that for now.


Some abbreviations used in this section:
SS – Scourge Strike
PS – Plague Strike
IT – Icy Touch
BS – Blood Strike
RP – Runic Power
HS – Heart Strike
DS – Death Strike

2.1 Unholy Rotation:

As unholy your rotation is based on the Glyph of Scourge Strike (25% chance to refresh diseases). If your diseases have less than 5 seconds duration, you should refresh them with IT+PS – same as on engage.
On engage you replace the first SS with a PS + IT to get up diseases.
SS – BS – BS – SS ->
SS – SS – SS

Runic Power usage:

Priority: Unholy Blight > Death Coil (That means keep up Unholy Blight before Death Coiling)
Make sure to not cap your RP – so if your next attack would put you on full RP, you should RP dump.

Ghoul Frenzy:

If you picked up Ghoul Frenzy, you want to use it with your Death Runes. Use Blood Tap when you do use it, to keep up your rotation – if it’s on cooldown you should use Frenzy + IT.

Gargoyle and Empowered Rune Weapon:

Your gargoyle lasts for 40 seconds after summoning it, after 10 seconds it starts consuming 3 Runic Power per second, it’s important that you do not let your Runic Power go low when your Gargoyle is alive. Usually it’s nice to have Empower Rune Weapon for after a gargoyle is summoned (this is up to you). If you need to catch up on Runic Power, be sure to use it after you just converted blood to Death Runes and the others on cooldown, no matter when you decide to use it.

Since our gargoyle gets its haste from the owner, you’re best off using it after a bloodlust/heroism and a haste pot. Even better if you time it with a trinket proc – for example url= http://www.wowhead.com/?item=42987Greatness (Monitor it with an add-on like Auracle or Classtimer is a very good idea) since it also gains from your attack power.
(Gargoyle macro in the macro section)

2.2 Blood Rotation:

PS-IT – HS – HS – DS – (Death Coil)
-> DS- HS – HS – HS – HS – Repeat

Note: It’s important that you keep up your diseases, with either Death Runes or the Unholy/Frost. Your rotation can get a bit off for many reasons, like dodge, misses, movement fights and whatnot.
It’s really important that you keep above 25 Runic Power – Death Strike glyph will cap damage on 25 Runic Power, so try not to go below.

Runic Power

Try to dump your Runic power when your runes are refreshing – and dump RP before you cap it.
Use Dancing Rune Weapon with maximum Runic Power – and use your Hysteria BEFORE. Also monitor your procs like Unholy Strength from Rune of Fallen Crusader, and trinket procs like Greatness and then use them with these. Note that it also lasts longer with Runic Power Mastery (talent in Frost).


For DPS you always stay in Blood Presence.

3. Consumables:

Consumables for DPS:

Flask: Flask of Endless Rage
Food: 1. Dragonfin Filet or 2. Hit Food / expertise food if needed.
Pots: Potion of Speed for Gargoyle/Dancing Rune Weapon – You can also pop an Indestructable Potion (armor pot) pre-pull (out of combat) to get like 97AP from Bladed Armor, and then another potion in combat as needed (Note that it takes some time for your char screen to update AP gained from Bladed armor effect)

4. Sigils:

As of right now, there are the following 2 sigils for DPS:
Unholy: Sigil of Awareness
Blood and Frost: Sigil of the Vengeful Heart

5. Macros:

Gargoyle Macro

#showtooltip Summon Gargoyle
/use Blood Fury(Racial)
/use Potion of Speed
/cast Summon Gargoyle

Note: If you have a DPS AP clicky trinket put it in there. For example Loatheb’s Shadow
I also use a macro like for Death and Decay:

#showtooltip Death and Decay
/cast !Death and Decay

With this you can just spam it – and the circle will stay there.
Gnaw if in melee – Leap if not. Mostly a PvP macro.

#showtooltip Gnaw
/cast Gnaw
/cast Leap

6. Add-ons:

Classtimer – A great add-on that keeps track of buffs and debuffs. You can also add more if you want it to track something.
Auracle – A great customizable debuff / buff monitor. Can be used as an alternative to classtimer if you feel like setting it up. I mostly use it for tanking, but still worth a mention in the DPS section. I used to use it for Unholy Strength/Trinket AP procs.
Omen – Threat add-on.
Bartender -Customizable bars with easy key binds.
Pitbull – Pitbull Unit Frames.

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