Crystallized Fire Farming Spot with NO Competition

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Seeing the latest Crystallized Fire farming guides, which are always the same for that matter, I decided to post the place where I farm my Crystallized Fires. It’s not your usual Wintergrasp or Anvil spot in the Storm Peaks. Rather, it’s a little secluded place called Frostfloe Deep.

Location: 62, 42 Storm Peaks.

It is in this cave where you will find about 15 Wailing Winds. These things have low HP and have close to a 25% drop rate of Crystallized Fire. They can drop 2 at a time, and usually always do.

But the best thing about this cave? No one really knows about it.

It beats any other spot as there’s no contest for the spawns. By the time you kill to the end of the cave, the first spawns are back up alive.

Have fun!

by bagelmaker

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