Charged Crystal Focus for twinks

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I recently discovered on my 39 paladin twink…

We can make these at any lvl.. I got a summon to Ogri’la in blades edge and, with the help of an 80 warlock, collected the 10 apexis shards necessary to create this in about 4 minutes. I bought the depleted crystal focus (which is the other reagent for this “recipe”) off of the AH at a price of 5 for 13g.

I combined them, got naked, regeared and instantly healed myself for 2k. It works and looks just like a warlock’s healthstone. In addition, i noted that it didnt share a CD with potions or spells, but rather with a dark rune. (I assume this is because you could then pop these in a macro and get an instant, free 900-1500 mana without the health loss.) I’m curious as to whether it shares a CD with the healthstone as well.

Make note, however, that it was only a 2min cd on both the rune and the crystal, not the 15 minutes CD that comes with a Dark Rune. Very worth the effort, if you’re into a 2 min CD on a 2k heal in a 39 bg… considering these are as easy to get as anything in the game, once you’re there. I read that there’s a better drop rate on the shards in the northern part of blades edge, but i got mine off of every 3rd mob in Ogri’la.

The depleted crystal promises to be more the issue, and i could have been just lucky to have spotted those on the AH at the exact moment that this curiosity struck me. From looking at drop rates, if someone were to farm primarily Abyssal Flamebringers (Abyssal Flamebringer – NPC – World of Warcraft) and Simon Units(Simon Unit – NPC – World of Warcraft), then you would be coming close to a perfect harmony of shards to crystals.. plus the crystals are tradable, so you could call your guild to farm them, like i plan to.

by paladaddy

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