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Warriors Guide: Arms gearing for beginners

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by Matthew Rossi

This column will be focused on a general overview of gear specifically for an arms warrior that you can acquire via PvP (not Arena, but Wintergrasp and BG’s), reputation grinding, emblem vendors and running TotC 5/heroic 5. There’s actually a great deal of easily acquired gear out there to catch up your new arms warrior.
Things to Remember

While the Expertise goal for a DPS arms warrior in PvE is the same as it has been (26 expertise to push dodges off of the table, and no, you don’t want to be dodged to proc Overpower, trust me it’s going to be lit up plenty from talents like Taste for Blood) unlike a fury warrior you have talents that can help compensate for it. (When I last visited this subject, Fury had Weapon Mastery, it’s an Arms talent now.) If you are an arms warrior looking to raid, you only need 18 expertise if you have full Weapon Mastery, and Strength of Arms can provide 4 of that 18 expertise. This means that if you max both WM and SoA you only need roughly 115 expertise rating on gear to hit the dodge expertise goal.

As for hit, Arms doesn’t have access to talents like Precision, but neither does it particularly need them. Since Arms isn’t subject to the ridiculously large dual wield miss penalty, hit rating for an arms warrior can cap both special attacks and chance to miss with normal (or ‘white’ for the color of the damage numbers in Scrolling Combat Text/Damage logs) with the same rating of 263 hit rating/8% chance to hit. 263 hit rating will completely remove an arms warrior’s chance to miss entirely on both specials and white or normal attacks. Once you have that much, stop. Don’t get any more. Unlike a fury warrior, you’re done at 263.

For PvP of course you don’t really need to worry as much about hit and expertise. 5% chance to hit is pretty much all you need for Arms PvP unless you’re fighting players higher level or in high defense gear.

As for things like Crit, ArP, Attack Power and so forth, well, we could write another 600 words on each subject. Armor Pen has recently been adjusted downward again, but it’s still a solid stat for DPS warriors due to the fact that pretty much all of our damage is physical and thus mitigated by armor with the sole exception of bleeds. Rather than go into crazy detail (consider that pending for another column) I’ll say aim for 50% armor reduction, and then stack as much AP and Crit as you can get. (If you have Armor Penetration procs like Grim Toll, that 50% will often be much higher, but I’m not assuming you do because that’s a 25 man raid trinket.)

Now let’s start looking at some gear.

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WoW Guide: How 2 warrior

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Well first off, Ive always found that playing a warrior relys on reflex.
The faster you are as a warrior the more your going to benefit those around you. This is vital because warriors dont compete very well at the moment. This is why even in BGs i bring my A game, For that adrenaline rush you get when you kill 8 players without dying, Thats in my opinion what this game is truly about. But anyways to the point what i’m saying is: Melee classes were meant to be played. Meaning. Please do yourself a favor and get a set of keybindings. You cant make it as a warrior in the wonderful world of pvpcraft and click, only dks can do that.

——K e y b i n d i n g s——

Well my playstyle is a bit weird, i use these keys.

a – strafe left
g – strafe right
v – backpedal (you never know rofl..i like to have total control of my character. this is essential)
4 – move forward.

Those are your basic movement keys. All of my abilities..ALL OF MY ABILITIES ARE BINDED..Even stances..Actually a neat trick you can do with stances, is utilize your mouse.

these are my mouse binds:

Mouse wheel up – Berserker stance
Mouse wheel down – battle stance
Middle mouse click – Defensive stance.

Tip: now theres a trick here, You swap stances, but..that leaves the matter of your weapons being equipped. For this i utilize these macros to make me more versitile:

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World of Warcraft Patch 3.2 Warrior Guide

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by Matthew Rossi

New Talent Builds

Quite honestly, I can’t imagine there will be a lot of changes to warrior talent builds in patch 3.2. There simply weren’t that many changes to warrior talents and those that were changed were ones that were being taken anyway for the most part. Only four talents and three abilities saw any change in the patch. Armored to the Teeth now grants 1, 2 or 3 attack power for every 108 AP, but it’s unlikely that anyone who wanted the talent wasn’t already taking it at the old value of 180 armor per AP. Bloodsurge will now notify the player in floating combat text when a slam is instant, but again, if you weren’t taking Bloodsurge before it’s because you weren’t fury specced, this change won’t get anyone to take it.

Similarly, while Devastate has been buffed and Shield Specialization is better now (granting up to five rage on a dodge, block or parry rather than 2 rage on a block) if you aren’t heavily invested in the protection tree you’re not going to take them, and if you are, you probably already have them. Shield Specialization is the only talent change that might get people to change their specs around to get it, but even then it’s fairly low on the prot tree, meaning that overall builds are fairly likely to keep the same basic look and merely shift a few points around at best.

Ability Changes

Bloodrage gets buffed to give 20 rage immediately (up from 10) and another 10 rage over 10 seconds. The health costs didn’t change and many warriors have this glyphed, so with the talent Improved Bloodrage and the glyph we’re looking at 30 rage initially and 15 rage over 10 seconds. That’s a nice change all told.

Execute is changed to take at most 30 rage, folding the current Sudden Death change into the baseline talent and removing those changes from Sudden Death itself. This will most likely work out to be a slight DPS increase since it will keep warriors from bleeding out all of their rage when they hit execute range, although the days of massive execute crits are over.

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[warrior] Dual Wield Unique 2Handers

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here’s what you need to do:

Equip the UNIQUE 2 hand weapon you want to DW in your offhand. Equip a trash 2H in your main hand.

Fill your bags and your bank completely with trash.

Spec out of Titan’s Grip. (Now easier with dual spec.)


Log back in. Your offhand two hander will be missing. Not in your bank or your bags because there was no room for it.

Equip the other copy of the 2 hand weapon in your MH.

Respec INTO Titan’s Grip. Make sure your bags are full. Relog.

When you return, you should be dual wielding again, with the missing weapon back in place.

This trick may also be good for smuggling a copy of Devastation outside Tempest Keep by shuffling the weapon into limbo, leaving, relogging with it restored. I can’t promise this one. It would be a lot of work for a 15 minute duration item.

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Disclaimer and Credits
This guide was written by Skaven, proud member of MMOwned forums and would-be-main-tank Elfamaja in Hakkar-Eu server.

This guide can be shared and copied AS IS, without modifications and with this section included. If you feel like, you can give credits, and they are hoped for. If you feel like donating, choose a suitable charity near you.

This guide has been written for new tanks who want to seriously delve into the wonderful world of tanking instances and raids in World of Warcraft. In this entire guide, the emphasis is for NEW tanks, so most if not all of the methods described below involve spending as less gold as possible, with as less randomness as possible. I will try and include alternative methods for players who have gold to spend, but buying your way to victory is NOT the purpose of this guide.

Also, because of the differences between feral druids and the other tanks, this guide is only for plate wearers. Sorry, my furry friends!
However, the general information and advice are valid for druids, too.

Your new level 80 character and tanking
So you’ve just levelled your tank (Warrior, Paladin, Druid, and Death Knight) and eagerly want to go in the first instance you see with your friends and raze it with all your green and blue equipment.

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by Matthew Rossi


Okay, to start with, if this is not your main and you have access to the heirloom shoulders, by all that’s holy get them. Especially now that they give you 10% more experience from quests and from mobs you kill, even if you just have an old pair of the leather or mail ones hanging around, send them to your leveling warrior. When I decided to test leveling on my Draenei warrior this month I didn’t think it would make that big of a deal, but between his rested bonus and those shoulders he went from 70 to 76 in a matter of days. (I’m letting him catch back up on the rested before I try and get him the rest of the way up.)

We’ve covered talent specs for leveling warriors before, but I’ll touch on it again here to say that for leveling either Arms or Prot are probably the easiest to gear for and are both strong for the job. I’m leveling my Draenei Fury purely out of spite. I leveled my Tauren Arms and my human Protection, and so far I’d still give the nod to Protection as a really good leveling spec and my personal favorite for dealing with big trash pulls and group quests you may want to try and solo. A lot of this will depend on the gear your warrior has as you start the climb between 70 and 80, though. If you’re bringing a warrior you started a couple of months ago to Northrend in Outland quest greens, Arms is probably a stronger choice for leveling than Protection since there’s lots of decent Northrend greens that are itemized towards an Arms playstyle. If you’re bringing an uber-geared Sunwell warrior out of retirement, go with whatever your gear supports.

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I found out a few simple tactics to help you win if you decide to get a warrior teammate or a hunter teammate (This only works if you are the opposite A.K.A you have to be a hunter and he/she has to be a warrior or vice versa…)
1:The hunter is mainly used as the bait! Coming from a /played time of 233 days, I’ve noticed that in arena in Pre WoTLK most of the time hunters would never get attacked, they would only get CC’d. Now that people have found out that the hunters are whats really screwing them over, they are getting killed first most likely.

2:The warrior is pretty much assisting the hunter take down the healer or clothie. (If there is no clothie or healer then you attack the one he attacks.)If a healer is getting piled by a Surv/AimShot hunter and an MS warrior there is no way the healer will survive to long!

3:Make sure that the hunter uses frost trap IMMEDIATELY!! Remember a trinket can’t help when its an AOE snare or AOE immobilization effect! (HoF or Hand of Freedom is the only thing that can free this Including Bubble ^_^)

4:The warrior must use Rend + Hamstring as soon as you attack the target the hunter attacks or the hunter tells you to attack! Slowing down your enemy can confuse and make his reaction time a bit slower. (This can also cause your opponent to Bubble, Trinket or waste CD’s that he shouldn’t waste.) You want to rend because this will keep the opponent in combat for an extra few seconds and will cause him/her to be unable to use Bandages until the rend is finished proccing.

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Warrior: Solo old instances

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Many people like to solo old instances for Mando’s raptor, Thekal’s tiger, Attumen’s Horse or just for fun. To do this as a warrior at first you need a tankequip(blockequip is the best), Glyph of Bloodthirst, Glyph of Enraged Regeneration and talents like this:
Talent Calculator – World of Warcraft

How to fight:

Go in Defense Stance, equip a tankgear and use the following skills,
1. Commanding Shout up
2. Bloodthirst>Revenge>Shield Slam
3. if you want: 5x Sunder Armor
4. if you have low HP use: Enraged Generation/Shield Wall/Last Stand/Trinket
5. if you have full HP you can use Deathwish
6. Use Shield Block on cooldown
7. Renew Commanding Shout when needed

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This is mostly an explanation of warrior PvP basics, so those of you rated 1800+, disregard plz. Also, those here for macros, scroll to the bottom.

A bit about myself, to show I (sort of) know what I am doing;
I’ve been Gladiator (Never #1 /sadface) five times, on four different characters, and by far the most fun was playing Warrior/Shaman, Warrior/Enhshaman/Druid and Warrior/Rogue. (We ended at 2150, duelist. QQ)
I am currently the #1 warrior on my server, and the #4 warrior on my BG.
I was 1950 rated on my warrior in 2′s, 3′s in s5.

(I was 3rd on the BG as Hpal/Hunter on my FotM reroll paladin.)

Enough E-peen shaking. Down to business!

The warrior class has changed a LOT since the glory days of warrior+healer = GG. With the high burst potential of every class in WotLK, the warrior is not as popular as, say, the almighty Death Knight. Thus, the first rule of warrior PvP is:

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* Thick Dragon’s Eye – 27 Defense, jewelcrafter only, any slot
* Eternal Earthsiege Diamond – Meta – 21 Defense and 5% increased Shield Block Value
* Thick Autumn’s Glow – Yellow – 16 Defense
* Stalwart Monarch Topaz – Yellow or Red – 8 Defense and 8 Dodge Rating
* Enduring Forest Emerald – Yellow or Blue – 8 Defense and 12 Stamina

Effective Health

* Austere Earthsiege Diamond – Meta – 32 Stamina and 2% armor increase
* Solid Sky Sapphire – Blue – 24 Stamina
* Regal Twilight Opal – Blue or Red – 12 Stamina and 8 Dodge
* Enduring Forest Emerald – Blue or Yellow – 12 Stamina and 8 Defense


* Sovereign Twilight Opal – Red or Blue – 8 Strength and 12 Stamina
* Champion’s Monarch Topaz – Red or Yellow – 8 Strength and 8 Defense

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