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19 Druid flag runner’s gear

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NOTE: This is for only those druids, who want all STAMINA! so they can keep flag running. This is not for DPS druid twinks.

This is my choice for 19 druid twinker’s gear, class and talents.

Class: Tauren

Talents: Feral Aggression 5/5 Thick Hide 3/3 Improved Mark of the Wild 2/5

Head: Lucky Fishing Hat 100+ HP

Neck: Thick Bronze Necklace

Shoulders: Talbar Mantle

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[Twink] 19 Dodge Rogue

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Heres My Guide On How to Be the Best Dodge Rogue!!!
As An Alliance I would Suggest Night Elf for the +Dodge.
Head: Lucky Fishing Hat – Items – World of Warcraft +8 Agility
Green Tinted Goggles – Items – World of Warcraft+8 Agility
Necklace: Sentinel’s Medallion – Items – World of Warcraft (Alliance)
Necklace: Scout’s Medallion – Items – World of Warcraft (Horde)
Shoulders: Serpent’s Shoulders – Items – World of Warcraft
Cape: Sentry Cloak – Items – World of Warcraft +12 Dodge
Chest: Blackened Defias Armor – Items – World of Warcraft +100 HP Enchant or +4 Stats
Chest: Tunic of Westfall – Items – World of Warcraft +100 HP Enchant or +4 Stats

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More Potions( 49 Twinks)

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This is horde only. In felwood, there is quest called Cleansing Felwood Thottbot World of Warcraft: Quest: Cleansing Felwood . Once you are done with that quest, u can get to the plants in Felwood to give them Cenarion Plant Salves which can give you Potions that aren’t on the same cooldown that Normal Potions, However, it is on the same one than Healthstones. Here’s an example of this item. Thottbot World of Warcraft: Whipper Root Tuber

The quest is doable at level 48, so when you are done you can get a lot for your twink so he will be able to use pots twice every 2 minutes.

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