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My level 1 twink guide

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Suggested Race Alliance: Night Elf
Suggested Race Horde: Forsaken (Undead)

Equipment and Enchantments

Head Slot: For the Hat you can go with 3 different kinds at level 1. The Christmas Santa Hat, the Brewfest Hat OR the one which I use and prefer, Red Defias Mask.
Santa Hat: You need to wait till it’s Christmas time. The best way to get this is to get yourself killed. Then as a ghost follow your friend around while the loot is on Group Loot or Master Looter or Round Robin so you will be able to select “Need” for it.
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WoW Battlegrounds Twinking Guide

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1) Introduction

Welcome to my twinking guide, Here I will explain everything you will need to know (more in the coming posts) about twinking, including Who/what/when/where/why and HOW! This guide will (eventually) cover important, previously un-adressed information like; Funding, What you will need to accomplish, Where to concentrate your effort(defense, offense, etc.)

Whatever reason you chose to make a twink, you’ve chose the right reason. Some make twinks to “catch-up” while others do it out of boredom. Here you will learn steps you will need to take in order to meet your own needs.
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Sunken Temple Troll Minibosses – Twinking

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Not too long ago I was twinking two of my characters at level 49, when I encountered a slight problem – I was nearly level 50, and still needed gear from Sunken Temple. So I put my head down and came up with a solution, which is fast, gives you no xp, and most of all easy.

Now to do this guide you will need to things;
A level 70 Rogue or level 70 Druid to do the actual killing
The character you want twinked!
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Ultimate Twink Guide – Hunter!!! lvl 19

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Ultimate Twink guid!!- Hunter
Hi a guid how to make a awsom HUNTER TWINK , My best twink is a hunter so I did deside to tell me about him and gear ^^

Hunters, this is argued to be better than the rogue, I, have both a rogue and a Hunter twink, I personally think the Hunter is better, just for the sheer amount of survivability and the basic ability to totally dominate the entire BG with your attacks from a long distance. The ability to have a triple-crit Multi Shot and rack up three killing blows and a ton of honor just tops it off, not to mention the fact it’s very, very easy to stay above the competition with a Hunter, although it does have some cons, Hunters suck at flag running, and the biggest con is, well, they can’t beat any class that can slow them, namely Warriors, the Hunter technique is to slow the opponent that gets up close with Wing Clip, run to a distance and range away, doing this over and over again leaving the opponent no chance to even touch the Hunter, if the Hunter is slowed and so is the enemy, well, you’re getting no where and you’re finding yourself, a Hunter, melee’ing, not a good idea, though, they are very very powerful and this con doesn’t much bother me because I can usually take out any warrior before they get to me anyway.
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The Best Twink Guide

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THis Is For All You Twinkies Out thier.

Recommended Races: Night Elf, Troll, Blood Elf, Dwarf
Head: Lucky Fishing Hat (+100 HP Enchant) or Green Tinted Goggles (+100 HP Enchant)
Necklace: WSG Necklace
Shoulders: Talbar Mantle or Serpent’s Shoulders or Feral Shoulder Pads
Cape: Sentry Cloak (+3 Agility)
Chest: ^Tunic of Westfall^ (+100 HP Enchant) or Blackened Defias Armor (+100 HP Enchant)
Wrist: Forest Leather Bracers (+9 Stamina Enchant)
Hands: Scouting Gloves of the Monkey (+15 Agility Enchant)
Waist: Deviate Scale Belt
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realy easy Engineering guide for twinks

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>This guide will show you the most economical way to level your engineering profession for your twink. As you all know the engineering profession is a money sink. With all the stuff we need to spend money on nowdays (epic flying mounts) you want to save as much as possible, however if your an engineer it sometimes is just not possible.

Great news though I have leveled to 375 Engineering twice and 300 pre bc once. I have used engineering on every single twink I have rolled.

So hear goes.
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Twink [guide] [Trick]

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I mostly play twink hunter in WSG.

Just a few pointers that not everyone knows

1. Train your healing up to 150 then buy the books in the AH and you can get it up to 225. At 225 you can use (but not make) heavy runecloth bandages and heal to full health up to 2k health in around 3 seconds.

2. Most real twinks know this but the general population doesnt know but you can buy nethercleft or clefthide leg armor and have a lvl 60 install it on your non soulbound armor for +40 stam and 12 agility.

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lvl 1 twink guide

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Recommended items
simple dagger 2.5 dps
Keen machete 2.5 dps BoE so becareful not to lvl if you have a good enchant
Cadet’s Bow 4.0 dps must have bow [only one able to have crude scope]
Fine Scimitar 2.4 dps
Tuxedo pants [stylish and if you decide to switch to a different class you wont lose leg kit/enchant]
Simple Black Dress [most important item it is the only chest useable by lvl 1's to get 35+ enchants]
Furbolg medicine pouch [hard to get but hey +10 stamina]
Brewfest hat / brewfest goggles

Recommended Enchantments
Fiery weapon[great enchant proc's often]
+ 15 agility or +10 haste to gloves
+9 stamina,7 agility,+ 7 intelect, or 7 strength to bracers
+ 7 stamina or +9 spirit to shield
+7 agility or + 7 stamina to boots
+ 25 agility 2 h [great for hunters]
+15 strength weapon
+ 7 weapon dmg [for people who have tight budgets]
+10 haste or +100 hp to helm [only ones are from brewfest]
+150 hp to chest or +6 stats [only works on Simple black dress]

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Creating A Level 19 BGer From the Ground Up: A Guide

::: Introduction
::: Reasons Why You Would Want To Play 10-19 WSG
::: Realm Selection
::: Creating A Character
: a. Faction
: b. Race
: c. Name
: d. Class
::: Leveling A Character
::: Talent Points
::: Professions
: a. Bad Ideas
: b. OK Ideas
: c. Good Ideas
::: Making Money
: a. Auction House Tips
: b. You Must Fish
: c. Cash Professions
: d. Resales
: e. Random Tips
::: Conclusion

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WoW: Farming blues with low level twink

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Twinking is very popular right now with the hot spots being the 10-19 WSG and 20-29 WSG. This guide will focus on the 10-19 WSG twink crowd. Farming blues can be not only difficult because most useful ones are world drops but plain boring as hell. This guide will show you how to make it as painless as possible.

The Strat

By far the highest concentration of kick ass twink gear is found in Shadowfang Keep. Both caster and melee items that are BoE and in the 16-19 range can be found here off any of the trash mobs inside. The holy grail of twink weapons is the assassin’s blade.

Rogues wet themselves for one of these and will pay upwards of 150g for one. It’s the single best dagger for that level and if you drop say firey (for the budget twinks) or crusader (the fat wallets) on it and you are a machine on par with the 20-29 crowd. That’s why its so popular. Sadly, I GAVE this to a guildie before I became aware of it’s value. I just figured it was a decent blue dagger and since I was a 60 rogue, didn’t have any use for it.

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