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[Ultimate] Level 39 Warlock Twink Guide!

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After 2 and a half month i have now completed my twink, you have no ideas how meny times i have been to thottbot checking items for this guy

Everyone thinks that twinks is like level 19, a question about HP, but i think not. I win against 3 players, and i only got 2.1k HP.

This guide will show you how to make your ultimate level 39 warlock twink! You can’t Die, trust me, you will be highest on damage, kills, killing blows, even heals.

Capter 1: Equipment

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This works on twinks from level 15 untill which ever. But yes it is possible on a level 19.

For the Diplomat title

You need 2+high levels (the more high levels the better since you get less xp).
Have 1 level 80 with a vehicule and you twink in it (vehicules have 5-6k hp right now). Have the other high level just go and kill the mobs for the rep you need for Diplomat title.

For the Mining and herbalism To 450.
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Yet another twink exploit

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This may be old news, although I haven’t found anything about it here. In order to use this you have to be exlated with the Zandalar tribe.

1) Go to Zul Gurub and collect Bijous and / or combinations of these coins to get 15 Zandalar honor tokens.
2) Redeem them for a shoulder enchant of your choice at Yojamba isle.
3) Enchant your heirloom shoulders.
4) Send them to your low level twink.
5) Profit.
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Paladin AV TWINK

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With the sort of new spell Divine Storm, level 60 Retribution Paladins dominate the AV Battlefield. This is the optimal gearing choice for one, assuming you don’t want to attempt to find a group for MC or BWL.

HEAD: Field Marshal’s Lamellar Faceguard – Item – World of Warcraft

ENCHANT: Heavy Knothide Armor Kit – Item – World of Warcraft

NECK: Eskhandar’s Collar – Item – World of Warcraft

SHOULDER: Highlander’s Plate Spaulders – Item – World of Warcraft

ENCHANT: Heavy Knothide Armor Kit – Item – World of Warcraft

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It is very Important that you make ur bank alt a mage since this is what the guide is all about, basiclly ALL mages start
with friendly rep with Kirin’Tor and thus making them able to buy the tabard at any level.

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19 druid twink guide

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Choose your Race: 

Starting Stats
Race Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Spirit Armor Health Mana
Night Elf
——— 18 —- 25 —– 19 —- 22 —- 22 —- 55 —- 53 —- 100
——— 26 —- 15 —– 22 —- 17 —- 24 —- 35 —- 78 —- 67

Starting Stats

Racial Traits: Tauren
-War Stomp – active
Activate to stun up to 5 opponents within 8 yards – lasts 2 sec – 2 min cooldown
-Endurance – passive
Max Health increased by 5%
-Cultivation – passive
15 skill bonus to Herbalism
-Nature Resistance – passive
All Tauren get +10 Nature Resistance
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19 Twink Tips & Tricks

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Here are a few things for 19 twinks that are probably a little less known. I don’t have time to search every guide on the planet to see if these are posted so if it helps you and you didn’t know great. If so please reply and let me know as I am curious to see if these are in fact well known.

1. Get a ghost for your 19 twink
You may want to do this while the invasion is still going on as i’m not sure if you will be able to afterwards. I’m sure by now a lot of people know that you can get the Haunted Memento from the scourge invasion. Haunted Memento – Item – World of Warcraft. It comes from the areas on the map with the skulls on them that are being invaded, Tanaris etc. Or just buy one from the AH. Get it on your twink while you still can.
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[WSG] Twink Pre-made tactics / hints / tips

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First i am going to show u a map of the positions and then i will explain what classes should stay there and how to play there.

(red is horde, blue is alliance …… x = key positions)

Ok so, take a good look at that map, its a key element for the tactics.

“Back defense” is the small circle in your factions base
“Midfield defense” is the large over on your factions half of the map
“Front Block” is the small circle under your enemies graveyard (common farming spot)
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[Guide] Mage Twinking

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This is for level 19 Mage Twinks !

A. Choosing Race
B. Leveling Up
C. Getting Gear
D. Strategies and Tactics
A. Choosing Race:

What’s Useful and what’s useless?
Strength and Agility are the least important thing for a mage.
Intellect and stamina are the most important thing for a mage. Other stats are okay, ( spirit , armor, etc.) Stamina increases your health points.
Intellect increases your mana pool and spell critical chance, however, the mage uses fire, frost and arcane for combat, as for healing, only the Draenei will be able to do so.
Anyways, comparing the list, Human Mage isn’t good enough. So for now you have two options, take the gnome for more armor and mana and health or draenei for healing abilities, after you chose your race, enter the world!
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Head: Lucky Fishing Hat [+15 stam] or Green Tinted Goggles [+8 stam, +7 sprit]: Lucky fishing hat is really hard to get. To get it you must have a max fishing skill (150) and u must have about 20 Aquadynamic Fish Attractor which give you +100 fishing when you apply it to your fishing rod. When you have done that, then you can participate in the booty bay fishing competition which is held in Stranglethorn Vale (STV) on every Sunday between 2-4pm sever time, to get the lucky fishing hat, you will have to capture a rare fish which can be found in the Tasty school fish nodes which are located along the Stranglethorn Vale coastline. There are 3 rare fish that can be caught, they are called Brownell’s Blue Striped Racer (used to get Nat Pagle’s Extreme Anglin’ Boots), Dezian Queenfish (used to get High Test Eternium Fishing Line, increases fishing skill by 5), and Keefer’s Angelfish (used to get Lucky Fishing Hat) And when you get one, you can trade them in to the robot in booty bay (look for the repeatable quest sign to find him). Once you get the right fish, trade it in to the robot to get the Lucky Fishing hat.
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