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by Chase Christian



Alysrazor is not an ideal fight for rogues. We waste a lot of time running around, and we spend hundreds of energy points on Kicks. We swap targets often, never spending more than a minute on any single enemy. We’re often too far away from the rest of the raid to receive their buffs, and our targets are rarely fully debuffed. Due to encounter mechanics, even the tanks are dealing more damage than us. While it might seem like the odds are stacked against us on Alysrazor, the good news is that our damage here isn’t nearly as important as our utility.

Alysrazor is the official Interrupt Boss for Firelands. There’s always an Interrupt Boss in each raid tier. Tier 11 saw us Kicking all of Maloriak’s casts, while Lady Deathwhisper and Valithria Dreamwalker had us interrupting Scourge casters all night. It was almost impossible to defeat the Faction Champions without solid interrupts, and General Vezax‘s Searing Flameswas deadly if not Kicked. Rogues have been the go-to interrupters for years, and the Alyzrazor encounter again challenges us to put our boots in some caster faces.
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WoW Trick: Save gold on guild heirlooms, mounts, and recipes!

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Just in case you guys didn’t know instead of buying your guild heirlooms and other rewards from vendor in org or other major cities go to shatt and buy them from Riha – NPC – World of Warcraft you will get a discount because she is associated with a faction! (only works if your guild has the faction price discount thingy).

You can also buy these heirlooms and send them to your other faction chars to vendor and get 28% of the gold back you spent, if you’re too lazy to transfer gold over the neutral auction house.

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by Alex Ziebart

Death knights were a fascinating class to try this with, because while they’re easy to pick up and go, they’re not a particularly straightforward class. You can push A button to achieve X result, but you’re much better off pushing A and combining it with B (and possibly C) to achieve Y. The combinations aren’t always obvious, especially to brand new players. I’ve picked up some of these tricks and polled our Twitter audience for more. Let’s dig into them, shall we?

Death knight tips and tricks

Lichborne isn’t just for breaking Charm, Fear and Sleep effects.
As the tooltip suggest, this ability does turn you into undead. That means you can be affected by a priest’s Shackle Undead and a paladin’s Turn Evil. More importantly in PvE, it means you can heal yourself with Death Coil while Lichborne is active. A full bar of runic power is a lot of self-healing.

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WoW Trick: Get easy Maelstrom Crystals

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by Iscariote @mmowned

As it is difficult to get Maelstrom Crystals (Epic enchanting Crystals). There is an “easy” way to get them out.

Characters with Alchemy/Enchanting may craft Lifebound Alchemist Stone and disenchant it. Depending on your realm it may be profitable or not… but in my realm it costs 1000g to craft one and they go for 4000 in the auction house.
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WoW Trick: getting Tol’vir fragments as fast as possible

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We all know that it is only possible to get 4 digsites at a time, and in Kalimdor there is a total of 63 digsites, which contains 9 Tol’vir digsites.

Most people tend to farm until they have a reasonable amount of spawns in Uldum, but this is not the most efficient method, here’s why:

You have no digsites in Uldum, that gives you a 9/63 ~ 14,28%chance to get one in Uldum.
If you have one in Uldum already, the chance is 8/63 ~ 12,69%chance to get a second spawn in Uldum.
If you have two spawns, the chance is 7/63 ~ 11,11% for a third spawn.
If you have three spawns, the chance is 6/63 ~ 9,52% for a fourth spawn.

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WoW Trick: good junk box farm spot

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I was running around in Twilight Highlands, and found this really great place to farm junk boxes. The location is in a cave at 18,15 on the map, it is the top northwest corner. Twilight npc’s are running to a way gate inside the cave. If you park yourself just infront of the teleporter in the cave you will be able to pick pocket every mob that constantly runs by.

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WoW Trick: Easy Hyjal Grind Spot

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So I was just randomly trying to find a good spot to grind out with my 80 mage, something that would possibly get me some cloth to level my Tailoring with. So I saw some humanoids together and started going to town on em.

20 minutes later -
259,117 XP
56 Gold (after Vendor)
8 Volatile Fire
15 Embersilk Cloth
Blue Drop
JC Design

Nothing super but I never saw another person on and it was during the busy time on the server. If you wanna be a pally tank or someone good at mass AoE pulls this would work well for you. I was doing single pulls testing out my new frost spec. They have instant repop by the gate in the middle (till you kill em 3-4 times) and everything else is a relatively quick respawn time, never had to slow down or stop cuz of mobs.
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by vikk @ mmowned

When you are lvling a worgen, there is a quest in “Greymane Manor” named Exodus Exodus – Quest – World of Warcraft.

The quest tells you to talk to some guy down the yard and hes going to take his wagon with you and travel a long way to the “Crash site”.

Now to the exploit. When you have obtained the quest, queue up for a battleground if you are level 10+ and wait for the “enter battleground” pop up. Click it and you will be teleported to the graveyard, near the “Crash site”.

It teleports you because of the “The fate of Gilneas has not yet been decided. You cannot escape yet.”
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by insys @ mmowned

[My Very Own Broodmother!]
This achivement is completed when you complete the quest The Restless Brood within 90 seconds of using the provided Stonework Mallet on the stone to start the event to battle the broodmother.

What you can do to get the achivement is just use your Stonework Mallet on the stone again after defeating the broodmother.

If the hammer disapears from the objectives list look for it in your bags.
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WoW Trick: Heroic’s with lower item level

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by kickasskid54 @ mmowned

What this is, is to trick the ilvl meter built into WoW, into allowing you into a dungeon.

1. Depending on how many Justice Points you have, buy a piece of gear or a couple.

2. Leave it in your bags, equip it or not, but Queue, when you get your dungeon, teleport out and sell back to the vendor to get your points back.

3. Keep doing this until you have enough ilvl (329) to queue without doing this.

Second way (with friend).

1. Your friend buys a BoE belt that you can wear.

2. He trades to you, and you MUST leave it in your bags, or your friend is screwed out of points.

3. Queue, and enter dungeon.

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