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I’m not sure if you can fly into the keep from Icecrown, but this is ALOT more practical and useful. If you die, you’re not going to run back to Icecrown to fly back in. You can just go right back to this spot and get back in.

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The [Gnomish Army Knife] item has the ability to resurrect people.

Well, as you , engineers know, it sometimes does not resurrect the person but causes the 30 minute cooldown. I have found a clever bug today, and I thought i’d share it with you all.

When you resurrect someone and it doesnt work, just trade to another engineer (or another person, not sure, haven’t tested with non-engineers) and the cooldown will dissapear, so you can switch around til you rez the person!

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[Mini-Exploit] “Tails Up” Avoid Combat

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Preface: This exploit isn’t going to make you 1k Gold | 500k Exp an hour. What it will do, however, is allow you to complete a quest with simplicity (think 20-30 seconds instead of 3-4 minutes) and save you a little time.

The quest “Tails Up” provides you with a blowgun, requires you to use it on 3 leopards and 3 bears (putting them to sleep) and discover their gender. You do this by shooting them with a sleeping dart, walking up, interacting (speech dialogue style) and lifting their tail. If they turn out to be female, you get credit, if they turn out to be male, the creature becomes hostile and you’re forced to engage and kill it. I guess it doesn’t like being knocked unconscious and its manly bits examined. Can’t say I blame it.

When you use the blowgun there is a small window in which the creature becomes the version which it is approachable, yet is not quite asleep and interactable. This is about half a second. If you are able to cause any disparaty with the creature’s health during this window, and if the creature turns out to be a male (and would require combat), it will evade in place and you will immediately drop combat. You won’t have to fight and kill it, and can simply move on to the next one.

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New way to Old IF and more!

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I was, as usual, jumping around, found an way that gets you to Old Ironforge, and to the King, and lots more. You can also mount when you jump up to the top, and before you jump to the pipe, go to left/right as close as you can and you can mount+jump under the Lava @ teh AH bridge etc.

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I have tested this for over 2 weeks now, on 2 characters each day !

there is a 80% chanse to get one Dalaran Cooking Award in addiotion for the one u get from daily cooking quest !

What to do:
1. do the daily cooking quest like u normaly do !
2. b4 u finish the quest, u need to w8 3-4 minutes, BUT take care that no1 else needs to take the daily in that time.
<< i have noticed that if there is a w8ting time on the moob u take the quest there is a 4/5 chanse to get one more Dalaran Cooking Award >>
So every time i took the daily quest i stood by the moob and if no1 else finished the quest, i always got an extra cooking award.

Get Quest > Complete it > Don’t hand it in > Wait 3-4 minutes, make sure no one completes it in that time > Hand it in > Open bag > Profit

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I think most of you know of Navuud’s Concoction – Item – World of Warcraft [Navuud's Concoction]. For those who don’t, it’s a quest item that gives you a buff. When you have this buff, you can proc electrical surges on your attacks(Electro-Shock Therapy – Spell – World of Warcraft)

But did you know these surges were absorbed by Grounding Totem ?

I’ll let you imagine the possibilities. (this item won’t work in arena tho :<)

PS : I was on a time constraint when writing this post and could not find a way to explain it clearly, so here’s an example. (That’s actually what happened when I discovered the exploit)

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Win Wintergrasp while having Tenacity , and you outnumber the enemy.

I thought and tested this yesterday and its working.

This is mostly for people who’s faction outnumbers the enemy’s one , and its very hard to win While having Tenacity.
So i assume you are horde and attacking waiting at Dalaran for Summoning portal to Wintergrasp.
Here is what you do.
1) Click fast the portal and get in so you get Tenacity buff for a very short period of time till more horde arrive in battlefield
2) Start to logout as soon as you enter the battle so you gain sometime,continue your logout if you get the tenacity else cancel it and retry
3) Log an alt
4) Have a friend tell you just before 10-15 seconds horde break the final door and win the battle
5) Fast log back in and get your achievement done , you ll still have the tenacity buff for a short period of time

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You cant use flying mount in WG, but you can use X-52 Rocket Helmet

Use it right outside the wall, I think you can’t move until you use some ability like Blink… then you can move forward, if you just use it you will fly straight up w/o the ability to move.

Stand like this:

Use it and right before you start falling use Blink and move forward.


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I’m always bored before WG starts and usually get in raid and just fly to Icecrown and slowfall to WG fortress…
always get on the front wall near the cannons, It’s possible to get on the wall from the right tower located right from the Front gate.

I’m always there before the battle starts and i’ve noticed that when it actually starts after 10 sec i get 20x tenacity buffs and can quickly kill hordes with 20k frostbolt crits or 4-shot the front cannons and if i’m quick the 2 middle fortress cannons too. So:

1. Get into wg raid.
2. get in wg fortress before the battle starts.
3. Wait 10 sec after the wg battle has started.
4. Get 20x tenacity buffs for 40 secs(before the rest of the alliance have loaded for you in the zone)
5. Have fun/ piss off horde

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New safe spot for Heigan! 3.0.9

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my guild just figured out a new safe spot for Heigan, dont ask where they found out, i have no clue, they just did, here are some screenies

Look at the minimap and the spot for where we are standing at to find it

And to prove that im not crazy, no dmg taken when it hits us!

And here is it with no one there, easy to see

And here is another angle


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