This is a trick I’ve known about for about half a year, this method allows you to get loot or credit for killing mobs or completing objects on multiple characters at once with just a single wow account, in regards to loot, this method allows you to redirect loot to a character of your choice instead of the one you usually play as. First of all what this can be used for:

- soloing mounts or old raid bosses on soloing characters the giving loot to characters that are unable to solo it.
- complete quests with a low level character by using your high level
- earn achievements on multiple characters at once
- allow you to fight with two characters at once with one account
- allow you to solo the summoned boss Anzu and farm the raven lord on non-druid characters(must have a druid alt)

This works by the fact that when a character disconnects by another copy of wow logging into the same account or via alt and F4, it stays in the game world for about a 30 seconds before disappearing, mobs will still attack it and anything that dies while your character is logging off, you still get credit for. For example, if I was to do a quest that was too hard for my new alt, all I have to do is flag the mob on the alt then quickly switch windows and kill it on my main, this can take as long as I like to do because as long as my alt logs in before it dies, the alt gets credit for the loot, achievements, quest etc.

How to set this up:

1) open two windows of WoW, set settings to minimal if you cannot switch windows quickly

2) type your log in details into both windows and move each character to the place you want to go, for this example I’ll
farm the tiger mount in ZG with my paladin tank (who will solo it) and my 60 rogue who wants a tiger

3) when both characters are infront of the mob we are going to kill, start fighting it with the character who is going to get the loot, alt tab and quickly log into the char who is going to solo it then when the mob is almost dead, change back to the alt and wait for the mob to die (use dots if needed on the main), you’ll get the reward.

You can also do this with achievements if you manage to get characters grouped together then keep switching between them, it is possable to get the achievement on Characters that are logging off.

You can also use this to play two characters On one account, for example I want to ‘solo’ attunemen the horseman but my pala tank can’t quite do him alone
So I log my druid healer into the same place, in the same group and switch between the two windows to heal when needed, remeber characters stay online for about 30 seconds after DC, attunemen will attack the pala and ignore the druid even though the pala is offline.

On request, I will provide a video of me using this trick to ‘solo’ the Swift Zulian
Tiger mount on my 60 rogue and obtain
loot on him while my paladin does all the work.

by Infernous

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