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So Let’s show you the achievement we are going to go after.

Pretty sexy I know. Now as we all know, getting the reputation is not that difficult and pretty much common sense. Go do quests and get reputation for the people that you did the quest for. Well, unfortunately we are not all Wowheads. but the bright side is we have wowhead for a reason!

Now go to the database box, then when the other boxes appear go to faction, then to class, then to alliance or horde depending on your race.

Since I am alliance, I will go to the alliance faction, and the factions needed for the achievement show up. Because the Gnomer reputation sucks the most, we are going to attack that one first.

Now these tabs will show up, but we only want to see the quests we need to do. So go ahead and click the tab Quests.

After you click that, on the right side of the quests you will find these two very important parts.

These parts are how much reputation you get for a quest, and where or how the quest is related too. These can be sorted by pressing the Rep or the Category button. I usually set the category button like this:

Now that we are organized, we can look through the pages and the lists to find these two things.

  1. High Reputation Value (If you are just starting out)
  2. The Category to be the same.

We have found many good amounts of reputation and look, they are all involved in the same category. Looks like we can start looking into the quests and how to find the quest giver. (At this point, it all seems to fail when people cannot click buttons.)

Now we look at the entire quest’s line.

Click the name of the quest to get into the quest’s page. On the right of the page is all the important details of the quest, and at the bottom you can tab over to comments to help you with the quest.

Now if we look at the right side, we see that the quest starts and ends at the same person, so to find out where the quest giver is, we click on the name.

A map shows up and a little golden dot shows us where the quest giver is.

Now there is how to use Wowhead to the fullest to increase your reputation with each faction and get that lovely “Ambassador” title you have always wanted.

Just keep questing and you will eventually get it. And remember there is no set path for any acheivement.

by Xeya

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