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WoW Hunter Guide: Patch 4.3 hunter gear

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by Brian Wood


If there’s one thing gaming geeks like, it’s new toys. Whether it’s a replica Frostmourne, a shiny new set of D&D dice or a sweet lightsaber app for our smartphones, there’s nothing like new toys to get us excited. And the best toy of all for a WoW gamer? New gear!

Patch 4.3 is moving along, and while it’s probably still a bit away, the background downloader is doing its thing and the final content patch of Cataclysm is undeniably coming soon. And that means that it’s time to take a look at the new hunter gear that will soon be available to us!

Join me after the cut for the new Wyrmstalker hunter gear, an endgame gun for real this time, and all the other delightful little toys we’ll get to play with until the pandas come.
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by Dan Desmond


Since we’re approaching what should be the final content patch before Mists of Pandaria, now would be a good time to discuss secondary stats. We saw in Wrath that things like haste and crit got out of control near the end of the expansion; a mage in my guild longs for the days when he could get his crit up past some absurd number and make fire “good again.”

I don’t have the heart to tell him that no amount of crit will ever make him good — but I digress.

Let’s take a look at those stats on our gear other than King Strength and how they work together to give us some big numbers.
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by Fox Van Allen


As you might expect from the final boss of a raiding tier, Ragnaros has quite a few tricks up his sleeve and quite a few phases to undergo. Thankfully, we’re shadow priests — we got this.

Note that unless you’re attempting this fight on heroic mode, victory is achieved when Ragnaros’s health drops to 10%. Because of this, the Glyph of Shadow Word: Death holds a lot less value. I find that Glyph of Dispersion makes a better choice for survivability reasons. Mana is generally not a concern regardless.
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by Meltoor @mmowned


Cataclysm greens, alias the blooming market of twinking.

I’ve experienced on myself aswell, when you pvp in the 75-79 bracket, you will have around 15k hp at Max without these greens, making a huge gap between players, especially if you’re not even using heirloom items.
Most of the players will rush to the AH when reaching 77 to buy cata greens for every slot, practically willing to give hundreds of gold for a usual level 77 common green item.

What and what not to buy from the AH:

There are three levels which we will target here, 77-78-79 and the sell prices go down in this same order.
Do NOT buy any crafted item, as they are usually low on price, and easy for mass production, which makes it not worth our time.
The more types of stats it has, the more valuable it is. For example a Stam+int+crit+hit armor will be much more valuable than Stam+int, or worse, int+hit (since mass stamina is always vital for you in this bracket).

Methods of obtaining:

-You can either fetch them on the ah for 20-50gold at max,
-go farm it yourself
-or head to Vashj’ir or Hyjal and advertise in the general chat, something like “WTB all your lvl 77-79 cata greens for X gold, whisper the item and I’ll tell if I need it”.

People will whisper, if you see that the item is worth selling, well then, buy it, weapons, chest, legs are the most valuable.

I suggest you NOT to use the trade channel, since people will get a heads up and will start doing the same method as you, which you wouldn’t want to happen.
I tried to solo BRD with my mage since it has a really high chance of uncommon drops, but due to speed issues, it’s not really profitable.

For those who use Auctionator:


Depending on the demand, a spellblade is sellable for around 160-250 gold, chest/legs for 115-180, other slot items for a few gold less than chest/legs, but you can experience with the prices.
I can usually buy 10-12 items from the AH each day, and are sold within 24 hours.

Also a few extra non-related disenchanting tips:

span style=”font-size: small;”>-Greater Nether and Eternal essences have a high demand, you can make a little extra money by disenchanting greens:

-Greater Eternal Essences can be obtained in a more profitable and massive way:
[Enchanted Thorium Blades]  disenchanting is quite a good method, altough you need a blacksmith (friend or character), it’s possible to make thousands of gold if the mats are cheap, or you can also mine Thorium in silithus in no-time.

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by Fadelol @mmowned


A thread regarding what professions are the best for someone just coming back to the game spurred me to write this guide with my own thoughts and ideas about making gold with Jewelcrafting and Enchanting. I am not claiming this to generate you hundreds of thousands of gold but it took me from 700 gold having to borrow gold for repairs when raiding to having 30k gold in 1-2 weeks. It all depends on the time and effort you put in.

Step 0. Preparation and requirements
This guide requires you to already have both Jewelcrafting and Enchanting maxed out. Being in a high level guild allowing you a higher chance to gain additional enchanting materials when disenchanting is also recomended. Large bags are also recommended. Having at least 20-30 slots free definitely speeds things up.
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by Joe Perez


Restoration shaman have been a class in flux throughoutCataclysm, and as a result, there are numerous questions from those who are pushing raid content all the way to those who are returning to the game after a hiatus. So this week, let’s get started with Ask a Restoration Shaman!

What is the best healing spell for Death knights?? I’ve been struggling just to keep a blood dk and its just getting on my nerves even though they are great tanks i just don’t know if its me or is it the spell I’m casting wrong? I usually keep my riptide and earth shield up as long as doing chain heals and throwing healing rain when ever it gets messy.

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by Chase Christian


Holy paladins are blessed with a robust selection of cooldown abilities, which improve our performance for a short period of time. Other classes like the restoration shaman have far fewer options for increasing their healing output on demand, which makes holy paladins one of the most flexible healing classes. In addition to boosting our single-target throughput, our cooldowns can also vitalize our AOE healing and reduce incoming damage.

When faced with such a large number of cooldown options, it can be difficult to pick the right ability for the job. Each of our cooldowns works in a unique way, with different strengths and weaknesses. By choosing the right opportunities to use each of our cooldowns, we can maximize our healing and minimize the chance of someone dying. Because of how powerful our cooldowns are, you should be using them on every boss encounter. They become especially important on heroic fights, as our healing capacities will be put to the test.
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by Chase Christian


As soon as the release date is relatively fixed, I start working on my gear acquisition plan. My rogue takes priority when it comes to gearing up quickly. I’ll spend as much gold or as many valor points as necessary to make sure I’m ahead of everyone else.

I typically spend my holy paladin’s first batch of available valor points on the BoE valor piece for my rogue. Healers don’t need gear anyway, right? If I can get my gear faster, my raid will be able to down bosses faster, and I’ll get my hands on the Fangs of the Father sooner. It’s a win-win scenario, and so when it comes to my rogue, I spare no expense. Please note that there are now three different levels of gear available, with the introduction of the Raid Finder difficulty level. The gear is identical between all three tiers and is simply scaled up or down appropriately.
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by Matt Walsh


So you’ve slain the minions and lieutenants of the Firelord and cast down Ragnaros himself, as well. The heroic versions of all seven bosses are now open to you, each with varying degrees of difficulty, starting with the walk-in-the-park Shannox to the much more dangerous remnants. These fights require you to step up your tanking game to a whole new level to survive everything the fights throw at you.

In this column I’m going to start with the first three easiest heroic fights: Shannox, Majordomo Staghelm, and Alysrazor. I’ll give you tips and tricks on proper cooldown usage, glyph load-outs, and trinket choices to maximize your performance against each so that you can stand up long enough for the raid to topple each.
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by Anne Stickney


The Burning Crusade was the first expansion for World of Warcraft, featuring a wholly foreign landscape to traverse and all-new armor to pick up and proudly wear. Well … sort of. Though the zones, dungeons and quests were incredibly detailed and entertaining, the gear itself was a little lacking in variety. Green gear drops were simply recolored versions of existing models, and nothing really went together — which led to the infamous Burning Crusade“clown suit” effect that most people experienced while leveling through the expansion.

That didn’t mean there was a complete lack of matching gear, however. Burning Crusadedungeons contained plenty of recolored tier sets from classic World of Warcraft, to the delight of many players who simply didn’t raid in vanilla and therefore didn’t have access to that tier. The other nice part about the tier recolors was that they weren’t class-restricted, so any class could pick up the look of another class with relatively little difficulty.

This turned out to be very good news for death knights, who didn’t appear on the scene untilWrath of the Lich King. Though a class call was added to Nefarian over in Blackwing Lair for our death knight friends, tier sets were not. Last week, we covered a few of the recolored plate offerings that death knights can pick up — but don’t worry, death knights. Last week’s offering of plate tier goodies was only part 1! There are a few more plate tier look-alikes to be had out there in The Burning Crusade.
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