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by Zuggy

Professor Putricide is the third and final boss in the Plagueworks area of Icecrown Citadel.  He is the father of Rotface and Festergut and needless to say, he’s not happy when you kill his two boys.

Professor Putricide Boss Abilities

Hit Points: 12,000,000 (normal) – 42,000,000 (heroic)

Mutated Slime

  • 4,388 – 4,612 damage per second

Unstable Experiment

  • Spawns either a Volatile Ooze or a Gas Cloud

Choking Gas Bomb

  • 5,363 – 5,637 damage per second
  • Explodes and causes 15,600 – 16,400 damage after 20 seconds
  • Creates Choking Gas, which causes 4,388 – 4,612 damage and reduces chance to hit by 75 percent

Create Concoction / Guzzle Potions

  • Grants Professor Putricide the Choking Gas Cloud and Malleable Goo abilities

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by Zuggy

Rotface is Festergut’s brother, and the battle against him is simply a case of managing your oozes.  That’s right, Rotface comes with two different size oozes, and you’ve got to manage them while you’re taking him out.

Rotface Boss Abilities

Hit Points: 8,645,000 (normal) – 36,257,000 (heroic)

Mutated Infection

  • 3,900 – 4,100 damage per second
  • Cuts healing received in half
  • Lasts 12 seconds
  • Creates a little ooze when it ends

Ooze Flood

  • 5,363 – 5,637 damage per second
  • Reduces movement speed 25 percent
  • Lasts 5 seconds

Slime Spray

  • 5,363 – 5,637 damage per second
  • Nature damage
  • Lasts 5 seonds

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by @Dtotheug @ World of Matticus

What spec and glyphs should I should I use as a Holy Paladin for raiding?

That is a good question and really depends on how you want to play and what your role is in the raid. Currently there are two prevailing specs and each have their plus and minuses.

The first spec is the Flash of Light spec (51/5/15) which focuses on a bigger Flash of Light (FoL) heal, more mitigation via Sacred Shield (because Sacred Shield scales with Spell Power), increases the HoT effect of your Infusion of Light talent, and relies more on your healing spells to crit. The problem with this spec is that if you are not mostly using FoL you’re going to have to watch your mana pool closely because Holy Lights and Holy Shocks are going to eat through your mana pool.

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by Zuggy

The second wing of Icecrown Citadel opened January 5th, and there are three new bosses to kill in the 10- and 25-man raid.  There’s a great deal of strategy involved with all four bosses, so you’ll want to study this article before you head in.

Festergut Boss Strategy Guide

The key to beating Festergut is killing him before he berserks.  If he goes into berserk mode, he will explode and likely wipe the entire party. You’ve got five minutes to kill him before the berserk phase begins, so make sure you’ve got high enough DPS to take him out in time.

Festergut Boss Abilities

Hit Points: 9,000,000 (normal) – 40,440,000 (heroic)

Gas Spore

  • Hits two random party members
  • Causes 1,950 – 2,050 damage to nearby party members after 12 seconds
  • Physical damage
  • Instant cast

Gaseous Blight

  • 4,388 – 4,612 damage
  • Shadow damage
  • Hits all party members

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by Zuggy

The fourth boss you’ll face in the first wing of the Icecrown Citadel dungeon is Deathbringer Saurfang.  He Is a blood death knight, so bring out all your best abilities against death knights for this fight.  Focus on limiting how much blood power he’s able to gather and watch out for all the adds he spawns.  A new set pops up every 40 seconds.

Deathbringer Saurfang Abilities

Deathbringer Saurfang: 9,761,000 – 34,860,000 hit points

Blood Link

  • Deathbringer Saurfang collects blood power from the damage he deals
  • Increases his energy by 1

Blood Power

  • Deathbringer Saurfang gets slightly larger and deals slightly more damage

Blood Nova

  • 10,000 damage
  • Physical damage
  • Damages the party member targeted and those nearby

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