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WoW Druid Guide: Bear 101

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by Allison Robert

1. What is bear?

Bear is a sub-spec of the feral tree allowing the druid to tank.

2. The bear’s advantages

  • The highest average health of all four tanking classes, and the highest average effective health before cooldowns.
  • Excellent single-target threat and decent, spammable AoE threat.
  • Traditionally a high-damage tank.
  • The only tank with a cooldown usable while stunned or otherwise incapacitated (Barkskin).
  • Fear immunity/break on a 3-minute cooldown (Berserk).
  • Immune to polymorph, seduce, and disarm (more accurately, the worst effect of disarm).
  • Able to supply an improved attack power reduction, Faerie Fire, Mangle’s bleed debuff, a debuff to boss/mob attack speed (Infected Wounds), and a raid healing buff (Improved Leader of the Pack).
  • When not required to tank, can shift to cat to generate more damage.
  • As with all druids, can supply Tranquility, Innervate, and a battle rez to the raid (although bears are generally the least able to do so at any given time).
  • The tank of choice for thoroughly awesome people.

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WoW: 1-450 Alchemy Leveling Guide

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by Zuggy

Alchemy goes well with herbalism, especially if you’re power-leveling the two professions together.  Leveling herbalism at the same time you’re leveling alchemy will make it much cheaper and a lot faster.  If you’re already an herbalist, you can always farm for the herbs to save yourself some gold, or just buy them on the auction house if gold’s not an issue.

Having a good alchemy leveling guide is important if you want to get it done in just a few hours.  This 1-450 alchemy leveling guide will show you which recipes to focus on to level your character to the top of the alchemy profession quickly and easily.

Alchemy Leveling Guide: Levels 1-60

  • Go pick up Apprentice Alchemy at the trainer.
  • Levels 1-60: Minor Healing Potions—The first 60 levels are quick and easy.  All you need are 60 Empty Vials, 60 Peacebloom, and 60 Silverleaf
  • Go pick up Journeyman Alchemy at the trainer.

Alchemy Leveling Guide: Levels 60-130

  • Levels 60-110: Lesser Healing Potions—Use 50 of the Minor Healing Potions you just made to create Lesser Healing Potions.  All you need is 50 Briarthorn
  • Levels 110-130: Healing Potions—You need 20 Leaded Vials, Briarthorn, and Bruiseweed for this one.
  • Go pick up Exert Alchemy at the trainer.

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by thecore @ MMOwned

Zul’gurub resets every 3 days. Each mount run takes 30 minutes to a hour.
Chance to get a awesome mount! Easy 30 gold from boss.

Bloodlord Mandokir – NPC – World of Warcraftdrops Swift Razzashi Raptor – Item – World of Warcraft 1% chance.

High Priest Thekal – NPC – World of Warcraft drops Swift Zulian Tiger – Item – World of Warcraft 0.6% chance.

I used the following spec for this to make it a lot easier.

The World of Warcraft Armory

Glyphs: You can really use whatever.

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Ensidia’s Rogue Guide 3.3

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Rogue Guide (Last updated 2/13/2010)

By Uhohuhoh, Undead Rogue @ Ensidia

US – Bleeding Hollow

Being a good rogue is considered one of the easiest things to do as a World of Warcraft player – compared to being good at other classes. Rogues are known to be a two button (Mutilate, Envenom) class with some wicked survivability tricks. All of this might be true if your simply running dungeons and trying to hit an 1800 arena rating. However, being a truly good rogue – one who truly excels and PvE and/or PvP – requires a lot more than what most people think. Being a good rogue requires dedication, patience, skill, and understanding. The goal of this guide is to help explain and debunk some rogue myths, as well as help you understand what it takes to be a good rogue, and how to get there.

To better organize this, I will be dividing it into two major sections, Combat and Mutilate, and each of these sections will have their own respective sub-sections. If someone would like to write a PvP section for this, I would be happy to put it up.

Raiding as a rogue, you really only have one goal and purpose for the raid: To do as much damage as possible. Rogues have no buffs and a weak debuff (compared to other classes). While this is not always the case based on the fight and how Blizzard changes WoW at any given time, rogues, on a static fight, should be the top damage doers in the raid. Please note, I am making a clear difference here between DPS (damage per second), and damage (overall damage done). Rogues generally will not be on top of the DPS meters even if they are on top of the damage meters, because casters (such as arcane mages) generally have much higher DPS. However, since they are limited by mana, they cannot dps during the entire fight, and need to take breaks to regenerate their mana. This is part of what allows rogues to be highest on damage and yet not highest on DPS.

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WoW Death Knight: Unholy DPS 101

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by Daniel Whitcomb

1. What is unholy DPS?

Unholy DPS is one of the biggest roller coasters you can step on as a death knight DPSer, in that almost every major patch has bought huge changes to the tree, sometimes making it totally overpowered, sometimes slamming it down into the dirt, sometimes making a basic unholy spec look like a convoluted Escherian nightmare. In Patch 3.3, it’s leveled off into a solid, dominant powerhouse that combines stronger diseases and physical damage with the added bonuses of a cool pet and a very powerful magical debuff. It’s essentially the choice for any death knight DPSer who wants to maximize their DPS.

2. Unholy DPS benefits

  • Ebon Plague, which counts as a 3rd disease and makes your diseases and the magical damage of your group and raid members hit for much more. It’s also superior to the warlock and moonkin versions in that it can easily be spread to other targets via Pestilence
  • Since Patch 3.3, unholy offers competitive single target damage to blood, if not outright superior damage at high gear levels.
  • Superior sustained AoE DPS. Despite the loss of the AoE version of Unholy Blight, unholy still brings enough toys that it easily out paces the other trees and many other classes to deal superior AoE damage.
  • Permanent ghoul pet
  • Bone Shield provides both DPS and survivability if you accidentally pull aggro

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WoW Gold Guide: Frost Lotus prices and farming

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by Basil Berntsen

Frost Lotus is a component of raiding flasks, and it is gathered as a very rare chance from regular herb nodes, as well as Frost Lotus nodes that appear in Wintergrasp and Freya’s room in Ulduar. The price of Frost Lotus has skyrocketed since patch 3.3 on many servers. This is partly due to the large increase in demand for flasks that the new content brought us, but I believe partly because of a reduction in supply.

The supply of Frost Lotus is and always has been low, however as I mentioned in my last column, there are ways to farm it. The most popular one was to get saved to an Ulduar raid ID where Freya‘s Elders (Brightleaf, Ironbranch, and Stonebark) have been killed, but Freya herself hasn’t, allowing the herb nodes to respawn. Getting the nodes to respawn simply requires a “soft reset” of the instance, which means nobody zones in for 30 minutes.

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By Rhidach @ Righteous Defense

Lovely Charms are somewhat of a rare commodity–going for huge chunks of gold on the auction house (as bracelets), and being divvied up sparingly by various miserly mobs. For the achievement alone I needed 120 of these random drops, and was looking for the quickest, least painful way to get them.

I first tried Ulduar on Tuesday, but apparently Blizz moved exceptionally fast and hotfixed that tactic (along with any other mobs you kill with a vehicle). I put out some feelers for a spot with lots of meleeing, aoe-able creatures. A guildie offered up a spot suggestion: by the Avatar of Freya in Sholazar Basin.

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by Dominic Hobbs

So there you are, raiding your way through Icecrown Citadel, merrily destroying everything in your path with shadow and flame, when all of a sudden your raid leader tells you that you’re tanking the next boss. “That can’t be right – surely” you think to yourself, “I’m still wearing this dress, I don’t have a sword or shield, I don’t feel any more stupid than before – why would I suddenly want to tank anything?”. Well, Blood Prince Council is one of those special fights where a clothie can do the job of a meat-shield. When this is called for, there’s simply no better clothie than a warlock to get the job done. So, step up and lets look at how to do it.

Why bother?

Despite some big-name bosses having had designated ranged tanks, some people still think that it can’t or should never be done. Now, I’m not talking about such fights as Sartharion, where a voidwalker could do the same job as a tank in the same way. Nor am I talking about Instructor Razuvious where shadow priests Mind Control adds to tank the boss. I’m not even talking about fights where ranged classes kite a boss. What I’m talking about is having a caster stand away from a boss, get their aggro and take the damage they deal.

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by Brian Wood

We hunters are basically an entire party unto ourselves. Our pet is the tank, we’re the DPS, and we can split the healing duties between hunter and pet. By focusing on the right talents and gear and glyphs, hunters and pets can be a formidable soloing team, taking on content that was never meant to be done alone. We can solo our way from Molten Core straight through to even Lich King 5-mans.

Soloing content meant for groups or raids comes from the same impulse behind climbing a mountain: we do it because it’s there. We do it for the challenge, the excitement, for the glory for the hunter class. And if that isn’t enough for you, there’s also the allure of legendary items like Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, or rare mount drops like the Swift Zulian Tiger, Midnight, and the Swift White Hawkstrider.

Join me after the cut as we take a look at exactly how you can topple Molen Core to Violet Hold on your own, how you can heal your pet for thousands of heals per second, and become the envy of your guild mates. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as polishing off Ragnaros and hearing your friends bemoan how horribly broken you are.

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by Basil Berntsen

I have sold so many auctions that the counter in the statistics section for my auction alts has rolled over into negative numbers. I am currently worth about 150,000g, and that’s after I bought myself a Quel’Delar and a pair of BoE boots the first couple of days after the patch launched. I suspect the reason I was picked to write this instead of someone who is already at or over the gold cap is that I’ve been able to accomplish this with extremely limited play time. I do most of my work in half an hour every weekday morning, leaving the rest of my time free for raiding with my hunter, writing about it at, arguing with Frostheim about it on the Hunting Party Podcast, and taking care of my other show (Call to Auction).

When you decide you want to make ridiculous sums of imaginary money, where do you start? Well, that all depends on what you have. If you have been playing for a while, chances are you have a level 80. All characters have two primary profession slots, and maybe, if you’re really lucky, you’ll have some professions already trained! The higher, the better.

There are two ways to make gold in WoW. Grinding and everything else. If you are literally starting from nothing, I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but unless you have a friend willing to loan you money, you’re going to have to grind. You need gold to make gold in the auction house.

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