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Sons of Hordir-everfrost shard route

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Getting Exalted with Sons of Hordir was pretty much on my main list of, things to do.
I wanted to get it done fast cause I hate rep grinds. As soon as I came across the everfrost shards, I knew this was going to be just like Netherwing rep.
So I started to plan out my route to efficiently start farming for the nearly impossible to see shards.
When I came back from my break I already had completed all the quests and was currently sitting around 4-5k in honored rep. So I wasn’t toooo far behind.

My normal day of wow started off doing the Hordir dailies and making sure to get at least 10 shards a day…took only bout an hour to an hour and a half.
In this thread I’m going to show you the flight pattern I took and some maybe difficult to find locations as well as showing you how to get one of the
pesky shards that likes to disappear when you enter the Fjorn’s Anvil instance.
With the flight pattern I’m about to show you, I managed to get exalted from honored in less then 12 days. Which is really fast considering I only spent an 1hr to 1hr 30m a day looking for shards.



Ok now for the hard part… trying to explain

To start off I’m going to point out that I ALWAYS go in a counter clockwise direction.
This is personal preference nothing more. Ill now talk about the color codes I got listed on the map.


I thought I would throw this little tid bit in here. What the gold lines are pointing to is my starting point.
I always start from where the lines meet and go counter clockwise from there, whether or not I come from Dalaran or Ice Crown.


1st section. This Flight route is just on the surface only


1st section. This Flight route is up on the mountains from where the “red” flight route is.


2nd section. This is the section where you pick up the dailies also some shards if your lucky enough.


3rd section. This Flight route is both surface and mountain tops. The way the shards are lined up and normally
dropped in this area were a little random and made it some what inefficient to make a flight route like the 1st section.

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Extensive Mining and Herbalism Guide

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LB – Lichbloom
IT – Ice Thorn
GC – Gold Clover
SN – Saronite Node
TN – Titanium Node


Leveling Mining and Herbalism at the same time is fairly simple actually. I will discuss macros that will allow for easy switching of tracking nodes. For now we will assume that you read that section and continue with the guide.

1-125 Barrens (Peace Bloom, Silver Leaf, Copper, Tin, Silver, Mageroyal, Bruiseweed, Kingsblood)

125-175 Thousand Needles (Silver, Gold, Iron, Mithril)

175-250 Tanaris (Mithril, Iron, Gold, Silver)

250-300 Un’Goro Crater and/or Silithus (Thorium, Rich Thorium)

The relative closeness, placement of both herbs and minerals, and the lack of people farming make these areas suitable for simultaneous leveling of mining and herbalism.

300-350 Hellfire Peninsula (Fel Iron, Adamantite) *Remember at this time you can use the addons listed in the addon section to optimize your routes*

350-400 Howling Fjord

400-450 Sholoazar Basin


OK there are two addons that I use religiously. They are Gathermate data and Routes. These two addons are designed to import large amount of node data for treasure, herbs, fish, minerals, and gas clouds. Routes, an addon designed to to optimize your route in a specific zone. Some of the features of routes are:

*A friggin line on your hud and/or minimap !!! BONUS !!1
*You can chose to only display node icons while tracking or not at all
* Color coordinate your routes to make them easily visible to to assist you with remember what route your on
*Automatic route updates based on node availability and number of drops

In order to set these up first you need to open GatherMate and import data. You can do this by typing /gathermate in your chat box and hitting enter. Once there, open the import tab, click the drop down menu and select wotlk and click import data. Next open routes, select add route. In order for you to create a route you need to name the route first. For this example we are going to use Scholozar Basin. In the Field type Happy Monkey Butt in the name field (notice the okay button that appears next to it) click the okay button to add the route to the list and open up the create route buttons. Once you have named it select what nodes you are looking for where ever you may see them. For this example we will be using Saronite and Titanium. Once your nodes are selected hit “Create Route”. On the left hand side, select the routes option. Under this the zones will be displayed. Click the plus sign next to the zone to bring up Happy Monkey Butt. Click Happy Monkey Butt do display a series of options for this tab. I am only going to go over the ones you need to know for more advanced look into these addons please visit the author’s site. Click “Optimize Route” out of the list of tabs. There are two buttons to click here, Cluster and Foreground. This will cluster nodes with in 60 yards so your not bouncing to every node 2 secs away from each other. And Foreground will make your route not all screwed up looking. This concludes the addon section of this guide hope you enjoyed.

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[Epic] Shark attacks in ANY pool of water!

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What Do You Feed a Yeti, Anyway? – Quest – World of Warcraft

What Do You Feed a Yeti, Anyway? – Quest – World of Warcraft

Yea, the ‘Fresh Chum’ provided by the quest can be used apparently in any pool of water, just get them off the alliance / horde boats north of AT and go anywhere you want, dalaran, SW, etc.

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Mag’har Speed Rep Guide

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1. First off, make sure you’ve completed all the Mag’har quests in Nagrand. To start the quests, head to Garadar, this is the main quest hub for the Mag’har, and for Nagrand (Horde) in general.

2. Once your sure you’ve done all the quests, head to the location marked on the map below. It’s a cave located north of Halaa and is in the bottom of a valley.

3. If you see the following cave, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve marked the area, the red circles are camps of Ogres and the green circle indicates the entrance to the cave. There are also various Ogres wandering around outside of these camps as well, but the camps pointed out spawn static Ogres.

4. Start killing those Ogres! You’re looking for Obsidian Warbeads. The Ogres also give a nice 10 rep each when killed as well.

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The leveling guide itself is very simple. Many people thought that with 3.2.2 they completly nerfed the xp rates, this is simply not the case. Pre 3.2.2, Warsong Gulch was completely useless for leveling, but now, you can ding from 10-15 wins!

01-10 < --- questing, should take you just over an hour.

10-20 <--- warsong gulch unlocked, 10-15 wins per level (this is VERY level dependant, infact, WSG is THE worst bg to level in, but dont get put down by the slow start, I usually quest to 20)

20-51 <--- far greater experience gains than from WSG, about 15 wins per ding! Also much more fun than questing, although after 100 games, you'll want to kill yourself!

51-80 <--- Alteric valley unlocked! Your xp/h will shoot through the roof, almost competing with RAF! I have leveled 4 characters to 80 in AV. It is fast, fun and great practise for when you hit 80!
10-15 wins per level (on average). There are also many quests that you may want to check out!

This is the basic guide, but I vary from it for many reasons. The first one, is that it isn't really a viable leveling technique until around about 30, when quests become long and tedious! I usually quest to 30, and then start AB!

Some usuful MUST HAVE tips:

1) Do not buy gear, you do not really need it unless you want to have more fun killing people easier.
2) NEVER hit the honor cap, instead buy your 80 gladiator gear ( this really is a must do, it means that when you finally do hit 80, you are not stuck with level 20 greens)
3) always loot every kill you see, from 70-80 each player gives 25-40s in loot every kill, which will pay for your skills as you level up. I can make 40-80g in one AB from 70-80!
4) IMPORTANT! Variate your BGs so that by the time you hit 80, you have 100 marks of honor in each of your battlegrounds! This is because, at 80, you can hand them in for about 13g each and about 1.5k honor, thats 1.4k gold roughly and 150k honor (+ the honor you get from leveling up), enough to buy all your 80 pvp gear.
5) Everyday, make sure you get the BG daily (now available at all levels) and complete it, no reason to miss the XP and honor!

I only suggest this if you already have a level 80, as you may need some excess funds to get you started and for flying mounts etc.

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A Detailed Guide to RAF Boosting.

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My Guide to Recruit A Friend (RAF)
Hello all, after recenty trying the Recruit A Friend (RAF) offer i decided to write a guide upon it. This method allows you to recruit a friend and speed level within days. Upon using this method i got 1-80 in just under a week of real time.

What is RAF?
Recruit A Friend (RAF) is an offer made by Blizzard that allows you to recruit a friend to play The World Of Warcraft.

What benefits does it give?
Once recruited, both players are able to summon each other by right clicking the other players party portrait and selecting summon.

Experience gain
In addition, both players recieve a 300% bonus to EXP gain when in range of each other, but must be within 10 levels of each other to benefit.

Recruits level grant
Every 2 levels the recruit is able to add an additional level to the recruiter, providing the recruit is higher level.

If the recruit decides to subscribe to The World of Warcraft, then the recruiter recieves an ingame Zhevra mount.
Swift Zhevra – Item – World of Warcraft – Mount

The recruit recieves 10days free gametime upon being RAF’d. The Recruiter then recieves additional gametime if the recruit subscribes to the world of warcraft.

How do i RAF?
To RAF you must first sign in to account management. – EU – USA
Click the Recruit a Friend Tab.
Type in your friends email, and a custom message.

Your friend now needs to log in to their email and click the activational link and create an account.
You can then login, group together, summon and start playing.

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Easy Venomhide Raptor Mount at 70+

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I was leveling in Icemist Village and just happened to have Toxic Tolerance uncompleted in my quest log.
I found that you can get one or two splashes per mob at level 74 by attacking Anub’ar Slayers. I don’t know why it happens,
but you can get the quest done ridiculously fast due to the large number or Slayers that spawn in the area.


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This guide is made for everyone that is bored, on the way to ding 80 or already 80 with crap gear D:


I’m assuming you leveled to 80 by questing.

If you do not have a starting capital of a few hundreds of golds (you should have that if you quested unless you wasted money on crappy blues on AH) you should do Argent Tournament dailies, Icecrown dailies, PVP dailie, WG dailies. Also when you are going WG (each 3 hours), remove the Insignia (by right-clicking) from each corpse. They usually wield ~1.2g. I once got 84 gold from a WG (took me like 13 mins).

Look up a cookiecutter PVE spec on official forums, repair up, look the rotation of that spec.

Download an Addon called AtlasLoot. Look up all the gear from Trial of the Champion (5man Normal) that you could use.

Make or join a group for Trial of the Champion (5man Normal). It’s a 78+ instance and was made especially to farm gear for new 80s. If some other 80s telling “gg green gear” ignore the retards.

You can reset it 5 times a hour, but you won’t be able to do it 5 times a hour usually. So farm it until you are really tired or got all the gear you needed.

Do not forget to do dailies and go WG in the process, you always need the gold, do that in the time you are bored of the ToC.

Once you farm up all the gear from ToC, ask some people you know/check up official forums how to enchant/socket your gear. You should have the gold to do that. Keep in mind that you should enchant/socket Epic gear, enchanting green/blue gear that you will replace soon is a big waste.

After you got some epics, start doing the usual HCs, ToC HC and dailies in Dalaran. They bring a lot of gold and emblems needed to buy badge gear. Don’t forget to go in HCs only that you need to save time (select HCs you need in AtlasLoot (= )

You can visit badge vendors in Dalaran to buy some ilvl219 gear to replace the goddam blue you have been finding a replacement for a goddam long time. Or if you got all the gear, you can buy the 10 Badge Epic gems and sell them for a nice amount.

Near the Conquest emblem vendor, there is Triumph vendor. You can get Triumph badges from Daily HC/Koralon/ToC10-25, the Triumph gear is ilvl245 and is awesome (:

Also after you win WG, you could go to Vault of Archavon. Most people don’t check gear there and it is pretty easy if you read up tactics on Koralon and Emalon.

After you get all stuff epiced, join a casual PvE guild. They usually do Ulduar 10 and sometimes Naxx 25, unsure. After you get all your gear in epics, you can start doing Onyxia once a week. The tactics are pretty easy.

The rest is pretty the same, upgrade gear, go better guild, go Ulduar 25, upgrade gear, go better guild, go ToC 10/25, upgrade gear (=

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I’ve been farming Crystallized Fire for Eternal Fire which currently sells for 30g each on my server.Plus they also drop Relic of Ulduar which sells for 3g each.

What you will be killing:
Seething Revenant – NPC – World of Warcraft

They have a 25% drop rate on droping 1-2 Crystallized Fire which isn’t all that bad.And a 33% of droping Relic of Ulduar

They also drop a lot of these 2 gray items (which sells for some gold)
Hoary Crystals – Item – World of Warcraft (Drop rate: 81%)
Efflorescing Shards – Item – World of Warcraft (Drop rate: 19%)

Here’s the place

Now the GREAT thing about thees mobs is that they are quest mobs so they respawn all the time and there is always 2-3 of them up.

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This is a method to get Empowered Darkness buff (+100% dmg)
before even engaging the twins or absorbing any dark balls.

This only works for WARLOCKS

At start of the fight, get Light Aura and cast Hellfire.

Every pulse of hellfire will give you 1 charge of Powering Up.

After 100 pulses you will get empowered darkness.

Helps you with some dps if your guild needs it for totgc.

Proof is in my screenshot.

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