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by Chase Christian


With Ulduar laid wide open, many Rogues and their guilds are flocking to its gates. Brand new bosses and shiny gear upgrades are just two of the reasons that I’ve seen so many ‘LFM Ulduar’ advertisements in trade chat. However, as the dungeon is still relatively new, many of us haven’t had the opportunity to confront every giant-sized boss in the instance.

I’ve compiled a list of basic roles for each boss fight in the instance, as well as a list of cool tricks and tips you can use to make your first (or eighth!) run through Ulduar as smooth as possible. Blizzard has included several fights in the instance where it is advantageous to bring a Rogue, and being able to proactively seize these opportunities will put you at the head of the pack.

Flame Leviathan
Role: DPS
Flame Leviathan is a fight that I can get behind as a Rogue (pun intended). With no healing during the fight, and no true tanking either, all of our holy and prot friends are forced to play the DPS game along with us. I recommend asking for Chopper duties, if you’re able to convince your raid leader that you’d be best suited in one of these fine motorcycles. They have the ability to strafe and move quickly: you should feel right at home. Playing one of the other vehicles may feel clunky (I know it does for me), but work with what you’re assigned to. If you end up piloting a Siege Engine, remember to interrupt FL’s Flame Vents ability.

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Farming recipes in Northrend

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by Amanda Miller

will be listing the locations and mobs that will drop recipes to help you complete your collection and expand your knowledge to boost sales.

Because this list is meant to be a reference for planning out your next farming expedition, I will not be including “world drops” that can drop from nearly any mob in a given zone or from a specific level of mobs across zones.

There are several epic crafting recipes that will drop in Ulduar. They have a chance to drop from each of the bosses on Heroic mode (25-man), although 10-man groups can also acquire them by downing the bosses on Hard mode.

Currently, there are two Enchanting formulas, six Blacksmithing plans, eight Leatherworking patterns and four Tailoring patterns that fall under this category.

Given Ulduar’s close associations with Engineering, many people have been quite vocal about the lack of schematics in the dungeon, although many of the mobs can be harvested for parts and vendor junk.

You’ll be happy to note that these epic recipes, with the exception of the Enchanting recipes, are all bind on equip. You can store them in your Guild Bank, sell them for profit, or buy them from other players if you’re desperate for a certain one. Of course, this also means that the posted drop rates more closely reflect actual drop rates.

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The ultimate arena spec for DK’s

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I know most of the ones already playing DK as their main probably know all about this specc but some of the people who just rolled an alt or something might not.. and that’s the people this guide is for!

Shadow frost! – Talents
Here I will give you a link to the most common variant of this spec: 0/21/50

Variations: 10/11/50 This specc is a less used one which gives you the extra AP from bladed armor insted of killing machine and death chill

Rotations/How to play

So basiclly your main attack will be Icy touch.

Now at first this might seem to be a very weak attack but while getting all the extra damage from thoose frost talants, 13% extra magic damage from Ebon Plague and extra spell dmg from impurity talent your icy touch’s really starts to hurt and has potential of a HUGE burst. And on top of that Icy touch will be a 30 yard range attack which comes really in handy at times in arena.

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Death Knight DPS for dummies

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As a Death Knight, there are 4 key rules to DPS:

1. Always keep your two diseases up
2. Use your primary DPS strike as often as possible
3. Use your secondary DPS strike to get Death Runes, which feeds back into letting you use rule #2 more often
4. Use a runic dump once rules #2 and #3 fill out your runic power

Real-world application, on a spec-by-spec basis:

I. Blood spec

The spec:

Plague Strike -> Icy Touch -> Heart Strike 2x -> Obliterate -> Death Coil until RP is depleted -> Plague Strike -> Icy Touch -> Heart Strike 4x -> Death Coil until RP is depleted

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Priest Guide: Healing Mimiron

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by Matt Low


Mimiron. He is the bane of all healers. Even the most seasoned of raiding healers struggled initially with this gnome and his toys. Perhaps the class and spec that has the a difficulty adjusting to the challenges is the Discipline Priest. Let me help you get through it with a systematic breakdown of the four boss phases and how you can cope no matter which spec you are.

Phase 1

The first phase of Mimiron is going to involve Priests using their saves. Guardian Spirit and Pain Suppression will play key roles in helping your tanks stay alive.

As Holy

Napalm Shell onto players are always a threat to the raid. I like to keep a hasted Greater Heal on standby (with Serendipity). If I’m lucky with Surge of Light procs, I’ll try to stand by and delay until the last possible moment for a target that’s hit by Napalm before the effect is consumed. I want to save the instant Flash Heal for a napalmed victim.

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